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The Titan: What a Waste!

Imagine every sci-fi film you have ever seen. All the experiments gone bad, all the human turned alien themes and sequences. Can you see all these films you saw before? Every cliché that was repeated in those movies over and over? Combine all of that and add the laziest of scripts and there you go, The Titan.

The Titan is set in a future time, with planet earth approaching uninhabitable conditions. Humans, looking to find another home, choose the moon of Saturn called Titan. Due to Titan’s harsh environment, the U.S government funds an experiment to alter a group of humans in a manner that will allow them to survive in the cold and low oxygen atmosphere. Lieutenant Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington), his wife (Taylor Schilling) and their son (Noah Jupe) all move to a military base where Rick will undergo the experimental treatment along with several other candidates. As the experiment goes on, candidates start to exhibit violent behavior, some die and others cannot withstand the trial.

Seems familiar? It is.

The film’s idea is not really original in any way, shape, or form. Indeed, having experiments produce “superhumans” is the oldest idea in the book, even if the purpose is the survival of the species.  

The script was a disaster, with cliché lines like “there is something alive inside of him” and “he is changing.” The lines were too predictable, boring, and even useless at times. The entire writing process could only be described as lazy. The film also had an issue with its structure, with the supposed climax coming way too far into the film, making the first half quite boring. Moreover, the resolution was wrapped up too quickly and the actual “action” is barely mentionable.

Sam Worthington’s performance as Rick was lifeless and mediocre at best, especially since the film didn’t help him; whether with the outrageously boring script or the fact that he was silent for almost half the film. Worthington only had one expression glued to his face throughout the picture’s entirety. Taylor Schilling played the concerned wife trying to find out more and was one of the few who attempted to breathe some life into this dead feature, but she was too cornered with the worried wife role, and was given too few lines to ever really have an impact (the lines were awful by the way). 

This film is worth neither the money nor time that we spent on watching it! 

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360 Tip

The locations of The Titan belong to the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. It took eight weeks to shoot all the scenes. The crew filmed in different locations and they were assisted by the Spanish Airforce in some of them.

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