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Tron: Legacy: Dull Film, Stunning Visuals

Tron: Legacy: Dull Film, Stunning Visuals

The original TRON didn’t inspire much fanfare in its day; the film never had the
strong character grip of Star Wars or
the unbridled sense of adventure of Indiana
, but its groundbreaking visuals and the easily digestible good-versus-bad
narrative gave TRON a culture footing
strong enough to stay relevant for decades.

quickly recaps the events of the original film,
leading to the point where Kevin (Bridges) gets sucked back into
the virtual world. In TRON: Legacy he
stays trapped within its cyber boundaries for twenty years. He leaves behind
his son Sam (Hedlund), who at first tries to figure out where his
father mysteriously disappeared to, but with time becomes excessively
bitter and haunted by his father’s legacy. His bitterness reaches the
point where he toys with sabotaging the reputation of ENCOM, his father’s

After Alan Bradley (Boxleitner), his dad’s
old friend and an ENCOM executive shares a page that he received from an old
disconnected phone line, Sam traces the source of this peculiar communication to
the virtual reality that his father has been trapped in for the past twenty years.

Sam reunites with Kevin, who has now formed an
underground resistance to fight the tyranny of binary evil personified by a
younger version of himself called Clu. As we dig deeper, we are introduced to
needlessly complicated rules and a convoluted mythology about ‘The Grid,’ where
rogue and adamant programs, all represented in human form, fight each other.

Despite TRON:
plea to be taken seriously, the film works as an engrossing visual
feast. Twenty eight years have passed since the original, but these might as
well be light years considering the technological advances in visual effects. TRON: Legacy offers the perfect abstract
platform for these digital marvels to unravel on; and it certainly doesn’t hurt
when it’s projected through crisp and vivid 3D. 

However, TRON: Legacy is slightly
disappointing considering the long build-up and hype (slightly over three
years) leading up to its release. Nonetheless, it’s still a groundbreaking
piece of filmmaking that works best when the chatter stops and Daft Punk’s hypnotising
score takes over.

Paired with imaginative and highly dynamic visuals, TRON Legacy plays like a transcendent
silent film – the most spectacular one that you’ll ever see.

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360 Tip

In order for Jeff Bridges to play Clu, the actor's face was 'de-aged,' using the same technology from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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