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Welcome to Willits

Welcome to Willits: Insensitive and Moronic

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Welcome to Willits: Insensitive and Moronic

The Horror-Thriller Welcome to Willits is the feature film debut of the Writer/ Director duo Tim and Trevor Ryan, and stars a mostly unknown cast led by Chris Zylka; whose most notable role was in the first Amazing Spider-Man. The story follows a delusional meth addict going on a killing spree as he hallucinates that teenagers camping in the woods nearby his home are aliens attempting to abduct him.

The premise sounds ridiculously hilariously. Alas, the Ryan brothers deliver one grotesque sequence after another, as if the film is meant to be amusing, and create characters that are unbearable to watch.

All through its runtime, the film jarringly shifts its focus from the murdering meth addict Brock (Bill Sage) to the Campers, and never takes a single moment to give the characters any characterisation whatsoever. To the point that it wouldn’t take more than two-to-three words to describe each of them, since the cast of characters consist of nothing but the clichés you’ve come to expect in cheap horror films like this one; the attractive Cheerleader, the tough Jock, the careless stoner, etc.

The real atrociousness however, is in the cringe worthy dialogue that only makes you hate the characters even more. The choices each character makes is bafflingly stupid, and leaves you wondering how the script for the film ever passed the pre-production phase. The film relentlessly makes an effort to rip-off other superior horror film and only succeeds at proving how inept it is in creating original sequences.

The concept of this absurd film can only work if the creatures that Sage’s character hallucinates look like a genuine threat.  That however, is far from what the film actually delivers, and instead we’re left dumbfounded at the sheer ugliness of the creature designs and props that look like they were glued together at the last minute. One sequence in particular, has the mass murderer burning a pile of human body parts that look hilariously similar to a disassembled mannequin.

The real sin of the film however, lies in the fact that it views extremely graphic violence as something that is meant to be hilarious. Never considering the fact that a character that goes on a spree of gruesome murders as an effect of drug abuse, could be deemed insensitive by any viewer with an IQ over 10!

As far as pointless films go, Welcome to Willits takes the biscuit, and every film reel or digital print for this film should either be burned or deleted. One thing for sure, the only saving grace of the film would be the ridiculously short run time of only an hour and twenty minutes. Even then, we wish there was a way to reverse time and spend it watching anything else that is less moronic and insensitive.

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