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Bandar Bowling: Cool Indoor Fun in Maadi

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Jennifer Brooks
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Bandar Bowling: Cool Indoor Fun in Maadi

For those
nights when we’re partied out but can’t stand the thought of another
evening in
another café, why not go back to your school-day roots and give bowling a
try? Whether you
go in the evening or in the afternoon to escape the glaring summer heat,
bowling can be a refreshing and fun change of pace.

We’re always
on the lookout for new activities to try; so we’ve dredged up a popular hangout
from our days of youth, Bandar Mall in New Maadi. The arcade is a relaxed spot
where you can go for some leisure bowling time with friends, and feel free to
bring along the kids.  

The Bandar Bowling
Arcade recently got a minor facelift, which included installing new baby foot
tables and a new sound system. A few hours spent in the bowling alleys can be
reminiscent of a 7th grade birthday party, large soft drinks and baskets of
French fries included. If you need a change of pace from the usual Cairo night fanfare,
prepare yourself for some unabashed good old-fashioned fun.

costs around 25LE a game and with nine lanes available, it is rarely too crowded
to set up your team. You can always buy some tokens and take in a round or two
of baby foot before hitting the bowling alley. The bowling alleys are equipped
with automated score boards and a decent selection of bowling balls– it’s
certainly not high tech, but neither is it floundering in the dark ages.

Attendants are fairly strict about making you
wear bowling shoes; so be sure to bring socks, especially now that sandal season
is upon us. That is, of course, unless you are a die-hard bowler, and come
prepared with your own pair.

Bandar Mall Bowling is located in Bandar Mall in New
Maadi off Nasr Street,
across from On The Run. The ‘mall’ is complete with a small but pleasant
cinema, Fuego restaurant on the top floor and Chili’s on the bottom, with a
little balcony shisha café for those wanting to smoke. That means you can
combine your bowling excursion with some California
bistro food at the laidback Fuego or buckle down over a basket of hot wings at

Bowling is sometimes visited by skilled bowlers practicing their moves, but it usually
draws a youthful crowd and gets rowdy on weekends with pre-teens hopped up on
sugar and caffeine. The crowd is comprised of children all the way to an older
set, to business professionals looking to unwind.

Bandar Mall
is a fun and cool alternative to outdoor activities for Maadi residents. Escape
the June heat and enjoy your return to childhood fun years.

360 Tip

Try to avoid weekend nights.

Best Bit

Something new to do! Certainly not the routine activity; it is perfect for when all the usual activities don’t appeal and you want something a little different.

Worst Bit

You have to wear bowling shoes.

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