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Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa: Relaxing Beauty Treatments in Heliopolis

  • 39 Hassan Aflaton St., Ard El Golf
  • Spa
  • 11AM-9PM -
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Nermin Habib
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Bliss Spa: Relaxing Beauty Treatments in Heliopolis

With the busyness of city life, the growing scope of Cairo’s health and fitness establishments is not only essential, but also thoroughly appreciated. Tucked away in a side street of Heliopolis’ classy Ard El Golf district, Bliss Spa offers a complete spectrum of beautifying and relaxing treatments necessary for a total rejuvenation.

The venue opens into an expansive reception area that houses a front desk, a waiting area and the hairdressing area. We arrived a few minutes prior to our reservation and entertained ourselves with the wide array of glamour magazines provided. This also gave us time to appreciate the cleanliness and the refreshing aura, as well as the smooth jazz playing quietly in the background.

Not long after, we were led by our masseuse to the massage room located at the back past the spacious ‘hamam’ used for the Moroccan/Turkish bath. Bliss Spa also has areas reserved for pedicures, makeup and threading, as well as a private room for waxing.

Out of the massages available at Bliss Spa, we selected the ‘Best Value’ option (280LE) – a tailored massage that incorporates a variety of techniques based on the concerns of the client.

Entering the massage room, we were greeted by a rejuvenating bouquet of floral scents, candle lighting and a small garden arrangement. The masseuse left us in the room for a few minutes to change out of our clothes and soak up the relaxing ambience. A soothing mixture of lemon grass and lavender oil was used for the duration of the all-body massage. Thankfully, we were treated to an hour-long process in which our masseuse expertly kneaded out every knot from our feet and legs, up to our shoulders and neck.

Next on the program was the generic, 60 minute facial (250LE) that started off with a makeup removal and a facial massage with a deep cream-based cleanser. This was followed by a refreshing swab of toner and then ten minutes under the facial steamer. Afterwards, the meticulous extraction process began, and though it felt a tad uncomfortable we were grateful that our masseuse seemed to know when to ease the pressure. After another quick toning to disinfect from the impurities pushed out, a clay mask was applied and left for a good 20 minutes. The mask was sponged off with lukewarm water, before a viscous layer of face cream was applied, massaged in and then patted down with warm hands for extra absorption.

With such sensitive skin, we were slightly wary of the products used. However, thankfully all the brands used were incredibly gentle and did nothing to aggravate our skin’s condition.

Although not as high-end as the city’s renowned hotel spas, Bliss Spa has an impeccable aura and a great team of professionally trained beauticians which makes visiting a rewarding experience in itself.

360 Tip

Because Bliss Spa only has one massuese, try to book for an early reservation.

Best Bit

Bliss Spa was obviously very well spent on and every detail is taken into consideration.

Worst Bit

Unfortunately, the massage room was not soundproof and when the relaxing music stopped playing, we could hear voices from outside the door.

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