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Blow and Glow: Mediocre Salon Services Brought to Your Doorstep

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Blow and Glow: Mediocre Salon Services Brought to Your Doorstep

Going to your neighbourhood nail salon or your trusted hair stylist is a fine beauty routine. But with all the hustle of our hectic lives and unexpected events, finding the time can be tricky. Luckily, we came across Blow and Glow. This page is a girls dream come true. Blow and Glow come to the rescue for a day of pampering at home, with your manicures, blowouts, and even spa services like facials and more.

Blow and Glow has a list of options to choose from; a Blowout and Babyliss straightening costs 100 EGP, the Manicure and Pedicure 120 EGP. Facials start from 40 EGP, with a wide variety of choices. They also provide professional makeup services starting at 350 EGP. You can also have a one hour massage for 250 EGP. The prices include transportation to your doorsteps anywhere in Cairo; in other words, there are no hidden costs or tricks here.

Given these amazing prices, and Blow and Glow’s sheer convenience, we decided to give them a try. We contacted the number on the Facebook page, and we were told by a woman on the phone to place our order via a WhatsApp message. We did just that, and we booked an appointment for two people to ensure we try as many of their services as possible.

One of us would be getting a haircut (50 EGP) followed by a blowout (100 EGP), and the other one would be getting a blowout, plastic nails (70 EGP), and a manicure (12.5 EGP). As we were making our booking, we were told that appointments couldn’t be booked after 6 pm; so, we scheduled an appointment on Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Blow and Glow called us on Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning to double confirm our arrangement. Unfortunately, however, the specialist arrived at 7:15 pm. She claimed that, since she was using public transportation, it was hard for her to use the location we shared, upon Blow and Glow’s request, on WhatsApp.

After the late arrival, we began our salon-at-home experience. Initially, things were not going smoothly; although we had specifically asked them to send a professional who had the necessary tools to remove glued on plastic nails, so that she could then place new ones, no such tools where available. Indeed, the woman claimed that no one informed about this and we ended up removing the nails by hand.

From there, the woman proceeded to glue on the new plastic nails. This process was relatively smooth. After sticking on the nails, the woman began the blow dry and straightening service. We have to say this was one of the best blow dry and straightening services we have ever received; the results were great.

As for the hair cutting service, it was also great; the cutting was clean and meticulous.

After being done with the haircut, however, things took another turn for the worse; since the plastic nails require a manicure – i.e. placement of colour- we asked the woman to give us options for nail polish colours. We were shocked that she only had a few colours available, they were of low quality, and it was poorly applied. Why? Well, let’s just say since the woman was late for the appointment that was supposed to be after ours, she had her daughter (who she had brought with her) do the manicure, while the woman herself was providing the haircut. Needless to say, this teenage girl applied manicure as she would to friends at a sleepover!

All in all, while this service is ideal for all busy women out there, don’t expect anything beyond mediocre. In other words, Blow and Glow is good for those daily/routine upkeeps, but we wouldn’t recommend them for anything more advanced. You can easily call them on 01553234739 for booking and inquiries, or check their Facebook page.


UPDATE: Since we conducted this review yesterday, the folks at Blow and Glow called us now asking for a review (like they would with any other costumer). In response to our negative experience, they offered a free manicure visit, and they assured us that they would investigate the matter.

360 Tip

Prepare yourself for poor punctuality.

Best Bit

The hair services.

Worst Bit

The manicure.


I tried the service today Nadia was amazing , came on time & I had the best pedicure treatment also she is so polite

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  1. I tried the service today
    Nadia was amazing , came on time & I had the best pedicure treatment also she is so polite

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