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Egyptian Synchronised Swimming Team Qualifies For 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan

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Egyptian Synchronised Swimming Team Qualifies For 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan
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Cairo 360

Everyone is pumped and excited for the 2020 Summer Olympics set to take place on July 24 in Tokyo, Japan. Many Egyptian athletes have already qualified for the global competition, and that list is growing longer all the time. The most recent addition to the line-up of future champions is Egypt’s synchronised swimming team that just qualified for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.

The Facebook page of Women of Egypt, an advocacy movement whose primary mission is to empower Egyptian women by effecting positive change, celebrated the team’s victory last Wednesday with this post, “The Egyptian Synchronised Swimming team has officially qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after winning first place for Africa at the World Championship held in Korea between July 12 – 28.”

According to Aldustoor, Iman Aram, member of the Egyptian Swimming Federation as well as the technical advisor and general coordinator of synchronised swimming, expressed her extreme joy with the team’s well-deserved qualification and gave public recognition to all those who supported them. She also revealed some of the challenges that they faced, “The final exams for the students ended three days before going to Korea to participate in the tournament, and we could not work out a preparation camp to focus our training.” After which, she addressed and requested from the Ministry of Higher Education to provide them with a vacant 2-month period before the Olympics to facilitate their training schedule and achieve maximum effectiveness.

Aram added, “The judges stated that the level of the Egyptian team, who were participating for the first time this year, was similar to all other levels, and achieved 77.8 points, more than the team achieved in the previous year by about 4 points, which confirmed the massive improvement of the players and the team as a whole and maintained its position as an African Champion.”

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that synchronised swimming in Egypt has been under the spotlight. In 2016, they finished seventh overall with 155.5505 points at the Rio Olympic Games. We pray that they rank first this year!