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El Khawas Gym

El Khawas Gym: Clean, No-Nonsense Gym in Haram

  • 2 Abo Hazem St., Giza
  • Gym
  • Sunday to Thursday 11AM-1AM, Friday 1.30PM-11PM -
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Haisam Awad
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El Khawas Gym: Clean, No-Nonsense Gym in Haram

As a path to the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, El Haram
Street is a road worthy of its billing. Stretching out for what seems like an
eternity, it’s where you’ll find some of Cairo’s best dodgy nightclubs and
finest belly dancers ready to give you a thorough cardiovascular workout, and
get your adrenaline pumping. For an alternative workout, though; El Khawas Gym
is a safer and slightly more legal way of stretching your muscles. The gym,
which is in its twelfth year of existence, is on a small street almost exactly
halfway along El Haram Street, and is easily reachable.

Though its space seems small for all the services that
the gym provides, its biggest equipment is suitably spaced out in the workout
room. This area is separated into two distinct spaces; one for weights and the
other for exercise equipment. You’ll find everything that you’d expect;
treadmills, exercise bikes, different types of stair climbers, etc. Naturally,
this is the area with the most human traffic, and although the gym is rarely
heaving with people, patience may be a virtue that you need if you’re after a
particular workout.

Generally speaking, there are separate areas for men
and women, but the staff is happy for women to cross over if their slightly
smaller area is busy. El Khawas also
boasts small but impressive sauna facilities that the staff claims to be very
popular among regulars. Less practiced, but readily available services also include
Moroccan or Turkish baths, and general spa therapies, with a resident spa
technician on hand. Another popular feature of El Khawas is the classes that it
offers: martial arts including karate, taekwondo and muay Thai are available,
as well as aerobics classes.

Prices are very reasonable and flexible, as they aim
to be as adaptable as possible. An open day-long session costs 15LE to 20LE,
depending on what equipment you plan to use, and the same applies to a twelve-day
pass (100LE to 170LE) and a month-long pass (140LE to 200LE). Other
combinations of gym sessions with aerobics classes or sauna sessions are
also available.

El Khawas is a clean, efficient and accomplished gym
that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of Cairo’s chains. The staff is
friendly, enthusiastic, and above all, well-organised. This is a no-nonsense
gym that takes health and fitness seriously.

360 Tip

El Khawas is open seven days a week; Sunday to Thursday 11AM to 1AM, Friday 1.30PM to 11PM.   

Best Bit

Services are ambitious, comprehensive, and thorough.

Worst Bit

The gym's staff admits to having an inconsistent schedule when it comes to classes; so call ahead.

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