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Emeline’s Zumba: Fun Workout Class in Maadi

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Emeline’s Zumba: Fun Workout Class in Maadi
‘Ditch the workout, join the party,’ is what zumba is all about.

Right here in Cairo is an opportunity to tone your body back into shape and get ready for the summer season while enjoying an excellent cardio workout. Emeline Lavender’s zumba class is a weekly women’s zumba class at Gaby Shiba Dance Studio in Maadi, where you get an hour of exhilarating exercise and amazing fun.

According to the class’s flyer, zumba is ‘an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.’

Zumba was spontaneously created  in Colombiain the 1990s when an aerobics instructor forgot his usual music and instead had to improvise the class using a mix of his very own Latin and Columbian music tracks. Now the worldwide exercise trend has reached Cairo just in time for the summer.

Once a week, Lavender teaches an hour-long zumba class at the studio with various music tracks of different dance styles. With every new song, you start a new dance style and a different choreography; so at the end you’ve moved almost all your muscles while dancing energetically.

Lavender is from the New York/New Jersey area and has moved to Cairo to work as a dance instructor. Besides being a professional dancer, she has a license to teach regular zumba classes and body sculpting techniques that use zumba to enhance rhythm and build strength.

The workout is extensive but a lot of fun. Salsa, merengue, Columbian, Bollywood, African, belly dance, hip-hop, and even house music are the styles weaved into this workout. During the class, Lavender works on the same choreography until all the new zumba lovers learn it and then add their own flavour to the choreography, after which she changes up the routine.

The workout program doesn’t just burn calories; it also tones and shapes the body. Lavender devises a choreography routine that works out the heart muscle and improves breathing as well. ‘This is a cardio fitness class first,’ says Lavender.

What better way to burn some calories than dance? It’s an hour that can allow you to leave all your worries behind and just move!

360 Tip

Emiline's class is every Monday at 7.30PM, and she is available to teach classes at other studios or private residences.

Best Bit

This class is not just for dancers; it’s for anyone who wants a fun hour of exercise.

Worst Bit

Parking is sparse on this part of Road Nine, so you should think about raking the the metro to Sakanat El Maadi station.

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