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Hammer Gym

Hammer Gym: Classy Men’s Gym in Mohandiseen

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Haisam Awad
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Hammer Gym: Classy Men’s Gym in Mohandiseen
In many ways, Gamaat El Dowal El Arabia Street typifies Cairo. The huge road
that spans its size in every dimension is both a nightmare and a sanctuary.
It’s endlessly busy, but has almost everything that a demanding Cairene might
need. Located on Sphinx Square opposite Zamalek Club is a welcome addition to
the Gamaat El Dowal family; Hammer Gym. The internationally renowned chain has
finally found someone to bring the brand to Cairo.

Even with the overwhelming amount of signs,
billboards, plaques and other promotionally motivated eyesores plastered up and
down the street, the Hammer Gym sign is impossible to miss. The capitalised white font on black
background envelops the second floor of a complex that compiles a block of
flats with offices and other venues.

The rundown elevator is confusing, but once
you work out which one of the unmarked buttons takes you to the second floor,
the small glass-door entrance to the gym stands out against the decaying

The dimly lit brown oak-wood reception
takes you out of the loop of Mohandiseen completely. The area is almost too
big, and the hallway to the gym sections seems similarly redundant, but for
plans to use it as a sponsorship area, where the smart and modest decor will be
rife with brand names and adverts.

The first workout area is full of cardio
equipment by Life Fitness, and although the space is like one big corridor-maze,
it is comfortably large. The various equipment include bikes, treadmills, stair-climbers and elliptical trainers, and in a corner you will find a bodybuilder’s heaven. Although small, the space afforded to the weights is
economically put together, and accompanied by a small juice and nutrition bar.

The gym also contains basic spa facilities of a sauna, a Jacuzzi and massage rooms. Although we were promised that
these facilities are in full working order, some cosmetic changes are still to
be made before they are complete. The changing rooms and bathrooms are clean,
spacious and all-round comfortable, with personal showering areas and large
lockers available.

Membership prices are very fair for a gym
of this quality, with a one-year membership costing 3190LE, and a six-month
membership costing 2190LE. Those with gym commitment issues can settle for a
three-month membership at 1190LE, or a measly one-month membership at 400LE.
Although spa facilities are separately priced, each membership option entitles
you to a certain number of spa sessions as well as personal trainer sessions if
you wish.

However, these are special promotional
prices as the gym has just opened, and they are likely to increase by 15%
to 20% after this Ramadan; so this is as good a time as any to join.

360 Tip

Although operating hours are currently 8AM to 8PM, the gym will be open 24 hours after Ramadan.

Best Bit

Sleek and clean equipment and facilities in relaxing surroundings.

Worst Bit

Men only.

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