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Mohamed Al Sagheer Spa & Beauty Salon

Mohamed Al Sagheer: Beauty Parlour Chain Continues to Impress in Arkan Plaza

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Aliaa Serry
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Mohamed Al Sagheer: Beauty Parlour Chain Continues to Impress in Arkan Plaza

As the beauty empire that is “Al Sagheer” salons continues to grow and expand both nationally and internationally, one can always be sceptical about whether its famed level of premiere service would continue to impress. Wanting a quick pampering session to add a little R&R to an otherwise hectic week, we headed over to the Sheikh Zayed branch.

Located in one of 6th of October’s classiest hang out and dining spots, Arkan Plaza, the salon’s ground floor entrance leads to a boutique of hair and beauty products boasting ever-loved brand names- the likes of Kérastase, Bed Head by TIGI and Keune. Climbing up a flight of stairs, we were greeted by the salon manager who asked which treatments we wanted.

The salon’s décor carries the chain’s signature modern theme, with artistic pieces hanging on the wall and green and pink-rimmed mirrors. The white walls and floors, and abundance of windows give the place an optimistically warm feel.

Leading us to the hair washing basins, our hair was skilfully washed and conditioned by one of the employees, who then continued to untangle our locks prior to its brushing and styling (100LE). The downside, however, was the fact that we had to wait about fifteen minutes before our hairdresser came by and started styling our hair.

The end result of hair that was perfectly curled with just the right amount of volume, though, made the slightly bothersome wait worth it. Our hairdresser professionally held up a mirror to show us what our hair looked like from the back, and spritzed it gently with hair spray to make sure it retained its curls throughout the day.

Whilst our hair was being styled, a friendly manicurist carefully filed our nails into the shape we requested and effortlessly applied French manicure on them (65LE).

Upon finishing our nails, our manicurist then took care of our eyebrows, gently threading them to perfection within a few minutes (40LE).

All in all, Mohamed Al Sagheer has continued to offer us exactly what we needed thanks to their skilled staff. From the salon manager, to the hairdresser to the manicurist, they all showed friendly demeanour, carefully listening to our requests and putting them into action. Perhaps, price-wise, it is more costly than many other salons, but the professional treatments and impressive end results are worth paying a little extra for.

360 Tip

Mohamed Al Sagheer has a new branch that only recently opened its doors in Gouna.

Best Bit

Bouncy curls, plucked eyebrows that did not result in tears of pure pain and freshly manicured nails; what more can one ask for?

Worst Bit

You do end up paying a little extra than you would elsewhere.

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