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Mohamed El Sagheer Spa & Beauty Salon

Mohamed Al Sagheer: New Cairo Branch Proves Popular Chain is Still the Best for Hair

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Aliaa Serry
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Mohamed Al Sagheer: New Cairo Branch Proves Popular Chain is Still the Best for Hair

Often times, we find ourselves craving some pampering thanks to  gruelling daily pressures of life in Cairo and there are few better ways to start a day than by heading off to one of our all-time favourite salons for some haircare. we made our way to Mohamed Al Sagheer.

Located in the ever-peaceful and ever-green Katameya Heights compound, the New Cairo branch of Mohamed Al Sagheer appears deceivingly small from the outside. After climbing up the stairs that lead to its entrance, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it is in fact quite roomy. We were greeted by some friendly, well-groomed staff who swiftly dressed us in white robes, took down our request for a blow-drying and straightening treatment (90LE), before leading us to the waiting area.

Our 15 minute wait, which was great seeing as how the place was quite crowded during the time of our visit, allowed us to take in the refreshingly chic yet simple design of the beauty salon. With a clean-cut white colour scheme and windows everywhere that allow the bright sunlight to seep in, the place just screams with positive energy. Modern furnishings, including some interesting looking clear plastic chairs with colourful cushions and some pop-art inspired portraits of iconic entertainers including Audrey Hepburn hung on the walls, tied the whole de jour theme of the place together.

Our wait came to an end with our hairdresser escorting us to another room, where we were seated in front of a long, full-body mirror. He immediately started discussing with us how we wanted our hair styled, giving us professional tips regarding which style would suit our face shape more. Upon agreeing on a certain style, he immediately began to work his magic through our messy tassels.

Unfortunately, however, the whole blow-drying and straightening process was no walk in the park; at times, it hurt given the length and volume of hair and his tight grip. The end result, however, was breath-taking; shiny, volumised and not at all fluffy or out-of-control; it looked perfect. The hair spray used, we must add, was also of high-end quality and helped keep our hair smelling amazing whilst being under control throughout the day.

All in all, Mohamed Al Sagheer just never fails to amaze, with its wonderful, welcoming staff and overall efficient service. Sure, we may have suffered a minor headache due to all the yanking and pulling of our hair, but beauty is pain, right? Plus, the splendid end result made it all worth the hassle. 

360 Tip

You can turn your grooming trip to a shopping trip, of sorts; they sell several high-end beauty items. 

Best Bit

The simplistic yet elegant feel of the place and our shiny voluminous locks. 

Worst Bit

We wish the hairdresser was a little gentler.

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