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Sky Med Spa

Sky Med Spa: Unconventional Spa in Dokki

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Jessica Noble
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Sky Med Spa: Unconventional Spa in Dokki
Situated above McDonalds on the busy Nady El Seid Street in Dokki, Sky Med Spa claims to be the first and ‘most luxurious’ medical spa in Egypt. They boast state of the art technology along with a range of non-surgical treatments including collagen remodelling, shaping and slimming body wraps, therapeutic massages, rejuvenating facials and nail treatments.

After taking directions from the friendly doorman, we headed up to the third floor and patiently waited for the door to be opened. The spa is a spacious apartment, complete with wooden floors, chandeliers and shaggy rugs taking up the entire floor of the building. The treatment rooms were old fashioned and a little shabby, but clean. We arrived without an appointment and requested a facial (250LE) and a manicure (40LE). The male receptionist advised a deep cleansing facial, using Oxygen products to unclog our pores. We were then asked to pay upfront, which seemed a little unusual.

After twenty long minutes of waiting, listening to the jazz playing over the speakers, we were informed that the nail technician was not there and had taken all the nail polishes with her. We stuck with our decision and settled for a manicure without polish – effectively just a tidy up.   

Of all the girls shuffling from room to room in their flip flops and pyjama type tracksuits, we didn’t expect that we’d be allocated their resident transvestite; seriously. Of course we didn’t mind that he was dressed as a woman, or that he had hands three times the size of ours – even the facial stubble didn’t phase us – however, we did mind that he/she clearly didn’t have much experience in manicuring.

He proceeded to gingerly, nervously and slowly cut away our nails and cuticles, before roughly scrubbing the backs of our hands with a nail brush. Our nails were then filed down to slightly different shapes and lengths; we could have done a better job ourselves.  

The male receptionist then took over for the facial, fiddling with an old school machine before using electronic, rotating pads to massage in the exfoliator. This was followed by a five minute steam to open our pores and two minutes of prodding and squeezing to rid our T-zone of any blackheads. A soothing mask was applied whilst we were zapped with radio waves to help our skin absorb it. We’re not sure how thorough or effective the treatment was – the whole thing seemed rushed and carelessly executed rather than pleasant and relaxing. 

We hope that, if we had booked an appointment in advance, our experience of Sky Med Spa might have been entirely different. As it stands, Sky Med Spa does provide a good range of treatments, but its far from competing with high-end salons and spas in the city..

360 Tip

Check out their Facebook page for details of the machines available for some of their more exotic treatments.

Best Bit

Sky Med Spa is open until 11PM – late night emergencies can be seen to.

Worst Bit

Botched manicure.

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