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The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room: Quiet Yoga Studio in Maadi

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The Breathing Room: Quiet Yoga Studio in Maadi

Yoga classes in Cairo aren’t difficult to find, from informal living room meet-ups to pricey professional studio classes. The Breathing Room in Maadi is a popular yoga studio that focuses solely on yoga, offering different classes to small, intimate groups.

Having recently relocated to Road 216 in Maadi Degla, the Breathing Room now has a studio all to itself on the ground floor of building Nr.10/5, to the right of Daniel Hechter.

It only makes sense that this space would be a yoga studio with its humble design. The entrance greets you with dim lighting, cubbyholes for storing your belongings and a seating area with cosy benches, extending around and back down the hallway. Signing in is a quick process completed with minimal effort, and the staff behind the counter are sure to answer any questions that you may have.  

Offering classes seven days a week and multiple times a day, the Breathing Room not only provides a wide-ranging schedule; but various yoga styles as well, including ashtanga, vinyasa, strength and flexibility, kundalini and even yoga for men.

The drop-in fee per class is moderate at 60LE or 45LE if you’ve got proof that you’re a student. If you buy a ten-class pass (and receive one additional class for free), the price is 500LE or 350LE, saving roughly 15LE per class. If you’re a first-time guest, your class is free of charge; providing you the opportunity to decide for yourself. Yoga mats are also available for use at the studio.

At 5PM on Tuesdays, the hour-long hatha class incorporates a more meditative practice into the easy flowing, steady moves; as opposed to the more physically intense practice of Ashtanga.

Instructors differ from course to course and some teach more than one style.
Jill’s laidback attitude helps with relaxation and she’s challenging in a gentle way, providing individual attention with grace and without distracting anyone.

From beginning to end, her balanced instruction makes it possible for you to gain something from the class, disregarding your level of experience from first-time beginners to skilled yogis. At the end of class when corpse pose is commonly taken, there’s no need to rush into the last moments of meditation; so take in the peace and enjoy the light music before stepping out onto the street again.

The Breathing Room provides a welcoming, hassle-free environment that makes the experience even more enjoyable. If you’re looking for an all-round great yoga class; you won’t be disappointed here.

360 Tip

For class descriptions and a schedule, check out their blog.

Best Bit

Price + Atmosphere + Instruction = we’re definitely going back.

Worst Bit

Maadi is a trek for some.

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