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WATCH: Egypt’s Sarah Essam Wins Stoke City Ladies’ Top Scorer Award!

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WATCH: Egypt’s Sarah Essam Wins Stoke City Ladies’ Top Scorer Award!
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    Featured image via What Women Want


    When we say or hear the word football nowadays, a few images pop up automatically based on trending and upcoming events. Several players, events, and clubs instantaneously come to mind, including Mo Salah, AFCON, UEFA Champions League, and several other names and titles. There’s another name that must be added to our train of thought, and today’s article will shed light on this athletic figure’s fruitful background and recent victory. “Who is this person?” you may ask. Well, it’s none other than Egyptian footballer, Sarah Essam.

    Who is this mysterious figure? Sarah Essam was the first female Egyptian football player and striker to join the English Premier League when she became part of Stroke City Ladies FC. Normally, such an honour would have been sufficient, yet Essam’s dreams were aimed at the stars. Yesterday, shared the exciting news that she took home the Golden Boot for Stoke City’s Development Team!

    Bear in mind, this is not the first headline to include the athlete’s name. She was introduced to the world in December 2017, when Egypt Independent published a piece, entitled “Egyptian female footballer Sarah Essam reaches English Premier League”, at the mere age of 18! Less than two months later, an article, by Egypt Today, announced her incredible win of Goal of the Month prize for her goal against English team, Pelsall Villa.

    Before gaining her current footballer status, Essam was slaying the basketball courts in Wadi Degla. She said, “Basketball wasn’t the game for me. I have always had a dream to play abroad, and football was the key for me to achieving this dream.” It was then that she shifted to the football youth team, and eventually the senior squad. Sarah strode on to play for Egypt’s national team during the African Cup qualifiers at the age of sixteen, and signed for Stoke City two years later. And the rest was history! 

    Sadly, everything comes at a price. In an interview with What Women Want, she stated, “I gave up my social life, and of course, I had to endure people’s negative comments, but I didn’t let that prevent me from reaching my goal.” When asked about studying a demanding degree, like civil engineering, she responds, “I am obliged to make the balance between education and football, because I love them both equally and I want to succeed in both fields.”

    On the Stoke City Ladies official website, some fun trivia facts are shared about the football star. For example, she describes herself as hyperactive and, like any typical Egyptian, she is a big fan of Mo Salah, as well as Messi. In terms of favourites, Essam enjoys pink mojitos, horror movies, Emmental cheese, and every other food imaginable.

    When asked about her ambition, the site writes, “To reach the highest level in football, to reach the top of the top”.  Well, we certainly feel this is a feasible and practical goal for someone like you, Sarah.