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360 Essentials: Top Travelling Tunes

360 Essentials: Top Travelling Tunes
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    The spirit of taking
    to the open road is one that most of us in Cairo know. Travelling tends to put things in
    perspective, allowing us to escape for awhile and make some seriously great
    memories while doing so.

    Whether you’re driving
    to Sahel or Sokhna for the weekend or jumping on a flight out of Egypt; here
    are a few of our favourite travelling tunes to keep you company on the journey

    ‘America’ by Simon and Garfunkel: This classic tune is light, relaxing and
    makes you wonder. From the metaphorical journey in the lyrics to its physical
    application, Paul Simon truly notes a sense of uncertainty about the
    traveller’s destination. This song’s placement on the Almost Famous soundtrack is quite possibly enough to make anyone
    want to board a bus to an unknown destination.

    Proud Mary’ by Creedence
    Clearwater Revival:
    Released in January of 1969, this song
    became CCR’s most covered song of all time. If you were raised by hippy
    parents, it will surely take you back to your childhood. From the melodic tune to
    its groovy guitar licks, you can’t help but sing along when you’re moving down
    the highway. Roll the windows down and enjoy the ride.

    ‘Home’ by Brian Eno and David Byrne: From their 2008 album Everything that Happens will Happen Today,
    Eno and Byrne beautifully describe what the idea of home really is to many of
    us. While the word itself is used so repetitively on a daily basis, rarely do
    we stop to think what exactly home is or isn’t. Let the lyrics inspire you.

    Ramble On’ by Led Zeppelin:
    Another track released in 1969, it makes you wonder what made this era’s music
    so good. You feel it in your bones and it makes you want to move. This classic
    rock tune’s lyrics were heavily inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings and references Frodo’s journey to Mordor. Flanked
    by Jimmy Page’s screaming lyrics to the close-knit relationship between the
    bass and drums; it’s obvious that a nostalgic trip was definitely in the
    making… join in.

    In the Waiting Line’ by Zero 7: You may recognise
    this one from the Garden State soundtrack. This trip-hop musical
    duo’s music tends to do just that. From the synthesiser’s tones to the
    seemingly transient female vocals, it can take you away in a moment’s time. The
    lyrics don’t hold back either in that sense. Drown out the outside world with your
    headphones with this tune on a plane; and you’ll be embarking on a mental trip
    in no time.  

    The World at Large’ by Modest
    Just like the lyrics say, ‘We’ll float on/ Maybe would
    you understand?’ Sometimes, you have to start fresh, and sometimes that means
    making a move. This song is all about that. While the melancholic lyrics and
    vocals can be a bit heavy, between the light drumming and keyboard sequences; it
    tends to bring a little rest to the tired soul. Take a breath, pack your bags; and
    don’t forget your iPod.

    ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2: This U2 classic was released in
    2000 and instantly became one of their bestselling singles. It was co-produced
    by Brian Eno, who added his funky beat box mix to it all. From Bono’s
    positively uplifting lyrics to the song’s melodic quality, it reminds you to
    take in your surroundings and embrace the present moment; whether you’re stuck
    in traffic or boarding a plane.

    Sail to the Moon (Brush the
    Cobwebs Out of the Sky)’ by Radiohead:
    Can we say absolutely
    dreamy? This track is from Radiohead’s Hail
    to the Thief
    album. Between the ethereal atmosphere brought forth by the
    chosen key and Yorke’s delicate vocals; the song transports the listener into a
    space of meditative thought or sleep. Sail away; and know that you’ll be at
    your chosen destination any minute.

    ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Jay Z. featuring
    Alicia Keys:

    Hitting the mainstream music scene in 2009, this song took radios by storm with
    a strong relationship between Key’s vocal performance and Jay Z’s styling. It’s
    in the opening bass lines, the hometown pride, and their recognition of
    hip-hop’s beginning. Whether you’re heading to NYC or not, this song is contagious.

    ‘Long Train Runnin’ by the Doobie Brothers: You haven’t really travelled if you
    haven’t ever boarded a train before. This classic tune hails from the early
    1970s and is instantly recognisable by that famous rhythmic guitar intro.
    Energy abounds with Johnston’s
    harmonica and upbeat tempo in tow. The lyrics are about leaving a loved one
    behind, it’s not too difficult to relate to for many of us.

    Feel the funky beat
    and enjoy your trip.