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Jennifer Lopez: Love?

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Jennifer Lopez: Love?

Somewhere near the end of the
nineties, radio waves became flooded with Latin pop. Ricky Martin made us shake
our bon bons while Enrique Iglesias had all of us swaying the night away, and
Marc Anthony sang to us. Then along came Jennifer Lopez. The actress entered
the world of music and soon became the queen of Latin pop. Of course it helped
she was dating P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs at the time.

After her debut album On the Six, JLo produced several other successful albums,
but she also launched hugely successful clothing and perfume lines, and starred
in hit films, which took her focus off her music career.

Now Jennifer
Lopez is back on the scene with a new album Love? that fully embraces her Latin cairorevamp_users. Her first single ‘On the Floor’ featuring
Rapper Pitbull was debuted during an episode of US TV show American Idol, where she is a judge. ‘On the Floor’ samples the
classic 80s Latin hit ‘Lambada’ and features Pitbull’s rapping. The album includes an
English version and a Spanish version. If you thought the English version was
bad, listen to the Spanish one; it’s close to hilarious.

The album is a
mix of pumping club tracks and ballads. Songs like ‘Hypnotico’ and ‘Papi’ will
do very well on the dance floor. One of the best ballads is ‘Until it Beats No
More’ where JLo’s vocals are actually pretty good and the song is not very auto tuned.
Other ballads like ‘One Love’ refer directly to all of Jennifer’s exes and to
current husband Marc Anthony.

Overall, Love? is not that bad; just don’t listen
to the lyrics too closely. Some are just absurd; especially considering that JLo
is in her forties and a mother. Lyrics like ‘I know you like my um-hoo/ I make
the boys go wooh’ are a bit weird to say the least, while ‘You got me
hooked with your love controller’ is also a bit juvenile and would probably
make more sense if sung by Miley Cyrus. There are a few sneers to ex-boyfriend
P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs on the album. She refers to him as the ‘bad boy
from the block’ and ‘mister wrong’ in one song and in another where she
laments that musicians are the worst boyfriends ever.

Half of the
album was produced by RedOne, the man behind most of Lady Gaga’s hits. Taio
Cruz is a co-writer on the album and Lil Wayne and Pitbull also collaborated.

If you are looking for an album that provides
nice background music with some pumping beats every once and while, then you
will probably love Love?.

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