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Madonna: MDNA

  • Madonna
  • Dance & ElectronicaPop
  • Out now
  • Interscope, Live Nation
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Salma Tantawi
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Madonna: MDNA

True music fans love to reminisce
and postulate about a far gone time when music was art. Now there’s a whole new level of
disappointment when those who once shaped the music of our time now employ fads
and trends just to sell records. In her new album, MDNA, Madonna
presents a collection of uninspired techno dance-beats that are only saved by a
loyalty and fondness for the aging singer.

There’s no doubt that Madonna has
been an icon throughout her career and one of the first true celebrities in the
80’s and 90’s. However, the boundary-pushing songstress lost the element of
shock and surprise in her last two albums, and in turn, her effect on the world
of pop music. In MDNA she goes into lengthy details about her divorce, with
a no-holds-barred approach and biting lyrics in ‘I Tried to be Your Wife’ and
‘Wake Up, Ex-Wife, this is Your Life’. Though the overwhelming beats might hide
it, the feelings behind the words seem as sincere as any Madonna lyrics.

Other songs such as ‘Some Girls’ are
perfect to dance, drive or do just about anything to – a pattern that carries through the whole album. This is handy, because said songs offer little else,
especially in the way of lyrics and they often fall into pop clichés. She takes
a jab at her ex-husband with the help of bubblegum rapper Nicki Minaj in ‘I
Don’t Give A’ with the sourest form of revenge; self-confidence! Nicki Minaj
also features alongside British rapper MIA in ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’, the
song which was performed at the Super Bowl XVLI half-time show in December 2011.
The combination of disco and dance elements with the bouncy marching drums
makes it one of the standout songs.

The last two tracks of MDNA go some way
to showcasing a different side to Madonna’s repertoire. The penultimate song ‘Masterpiece’
was originally written for W.E, a
film co-written and directed by Madonna herself. The subtle, understated song
moves nicely into the ballad ‘Falling Free’

MDNA is packed with plenty of
attitude, but it ultimately doesn’t come down to much in essence. Compared to
the Madonna of old, MDNA lacks in hit songs – more so than any of her
other recent albums –  and the
collaborations of Nicki Minaj and MIA hints at signs of growing desperation.  Madonna is slowly but surely being overtaken by
a generation of artists who were undoubtedly at one point or another influenced
by her.

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