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Michael Jackson: Michael

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Salma Tantawi
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Michael Jackson: Michael

Without doubt, Michael Jackson was one of
the strongest musical inspirations of this generation. He had always stood out
with his unique style that either made people love him or hate him, and his record-breaking
success was widely respected and admired throughout his 30-year musical career.

Michael was
released a year after Jackson’s death as the first of seven albums to be
released by Sony to commemorate his legacy. The album debuted at number three on the
Billboard 200 list only a week after its release in the US. However, the
album was met with heavy criticism, mostly due to questions of the authenticity of Jackson’s vocals
and arguments over ownership rights. The song ‘Breaking News’ caused heavy dispute
after the Jackson family claimed that the vocals on the track belonged to
someone else.

strives so hard to present the genuine mood of the
pop icon, who had collaborated with producers such as RedOne and Will.I.Am on the ten-track album. The tracks were all initially
studio outtakes, but producers were brought in after Jackson’s death to polish
and finish off the tracks.

Michael features
unreleased songs except for the previously released ‘The Way You Love Me’ and ‘Hold
My Hand’ featuring Akon, which was leaked in 2008. The latter song gives the
same sensitive and positive vibes presented in former hits by Jackson such as ‘You
Are Not Alone’ in catchy r&b tunes.  

from his collaboration with Akon, Jackson also collaborated with Lenny Kravitz
on ‘I Can’t Make It Another Day’ and 50 Cent on the unfortunate ‘Monster.’ The rest of the album carries on the familiar
pitch and heavy beat that single out Jackson’s pop music formula, including ‘Behind
The Mask’ and ‘Much Too Soon.’

Most of the songs on Michael will satisfy hardcore Jackson fans, though some tracks have
completely unoriginal beats and come off as unfinished work lacking Jackson’s
masterful production and finishing.  

That being said, Michael is here to
remind the world that true art never dies, and Michael Jackson was definitely
one timeless artist. That being said, the album seems to have been bogged down
by all the drama and disputes surrounding Jackson’s death, estate, album and

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