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Alegría: Trendy Restaurant and Lounge in Alexandria

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Nada Youssef
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Alegría: Trendy Restaurant and Lounge in Alexandria

Alexandria’s nightlife scene is quite limited to old, traditional and nostalgic venues from the city’s glorious past.
The craving for a new and hip nightlife spot was at long last fulfilled
with the arrival of Alegría several years ago.

around the corner from the International Gardens and Downtown Mall across from
Carrefour, Alegría is nestled between dining venues and wedding banquet halls
on Acacia Street; a well-known street to the majority of taxi drivers and
Alexandrians. The venue is located just next to a billboard sign for Acacia Resort.

narrow pathway of wooden planks leads to the small entrance way and cloak room.
On entering, your party will be directed either to the indoor area or the outdoor
patio, depending upon your request and the climate.

venue’s interior is quite modern with a trendy bar on the right and lounge
seating as well as high tables throughout the rest of the area. A glass exit
leads to the outdoor area, where a hip spiral bar is set in the middle, separating
additional high tables from the veranda area.

patio area can get fairly cold in the wintertime. However, a lot of people
prefer the outdoor area on crowded nights, especially as it is conveniently
roofed. Making a reservation is essential to avoid any disappointment at the door.

Spanish expression Alegría refers to the feeling of liveliness and joy, both of
which you will likely to experience on a night out at Alegría. Thursdays and
Fridays are definitely the Alegría nights in Alexandria.

a moderate minimum charge of 120LE, your party is in for a well-deserved night
out after a long week, with resident DJs, guest artists and frequent event
nights. For a more relaxed evening, Tuesdays are karaoke nights with a ‘Happy
Hour’ from 10PM to 11PM.

from the entertaining atmosphere and chic crowd, arriving at Alegría
on an empty stomach
certainly isn’t a problem. The menu is filled with hot and cold appetisers, of
which the highlights are mini-burgers, fried or grilled calamari, mini-fillets,
chicken liver and sojok; the perfect nibbles to share with friends.

courses include a variety of pastas and grilled meats. This reviewer highly
recommends the chicken supreme, filet steak and rib-eye steak. Depending on how
many drinks you consume; expect to exceed your minimum charge of 120LE.

is one of the few spots in Alexandria that you can get dressed up for and go
dancing at on weekends. So, have Alegría on your list of fun places to head
to if you’re in Alexandria for the weekend.

360 Tip

Parking is an issue outside; so consider getting a cab or leaving your with the valet.

Best Bit

Prompt staff that provides good service, delicious appetisers and a chic atmosphere.

Worst Bit

On weekends it can get too crowded, especially if there’s an event.

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