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Christina: Authentic, Charming Bar in Agami

  • Street 1, Bianchi
  • Bar
  • Sunday – Saturday, 6PM till 3AM -
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Alia El Askalany
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Christina: Authentic, Charming Bar in Agami

During the summer season, many Cairenes spend
their weekends on the Mediterranean North Coast, but many forget that several popular old-school
night spots and bars continue to thrive in Agami today. Located half an hour
from Alexandria on the coast, Agami is a beach resort/town that was once as
popular as the North Coast is today.

Today, a few of the town’s key bars and
restaurants are still alive and functioning, but they tend to be more low-key
these days. True, it doesn’t offer the variety of night spots as the North
Coast does; but Agami maintains a charming and authentic atmosphere that is
worth experiencing.

As one of the first and oldest restaurants around, Christina is a
bar/restaurant located in the Bianchi area of Agami. Named after its pleasant
owner, Christina is extremely cosy, warm and open all year round. As part of
the owner’s house, the bar/restaurant definitely gives off the homey feel upon stepping
in. Old, rustic ornaments such as telephone sets, coffee bean grinders and old
pop-art posters adorn the restaurant’s interior and the bathrooms. The outside
area is more popular; as it has more tables and it is also where the bar is

For starters, try the feta cheese and tomatoes (25LE), which come with a
basket of soft fino bread. Also try the cheese crêpes pieces (30LE), which
have an exquisitely thin and crisp consistency, making you highly prone to
ordering another plate or two. The baked mussels (40LE) will also
tingle your taste buds along with a fine glass of wine from their list: glasses
start at around 35LE and a bottle of Omar Khayyam or Cape Bay costs around 120LE.

Christina’s menu mainly consists of French cuisine varieties with a hint
of Egyptian flavours, but there are house specialties that you can’t go wrong
with, such as their lemon and butter sole with homemade fries (85LE), steak and
potatoes (80LE) or the salmon fillet with steamed vegetables and fries (80LE). The
menu also has other dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese, breaded chicken and a
standard list of salads as well as a cheese platter of local and foreign
cheeses (100LE).

Unfortunately, the food’s quality is not very consistent; so we
recommend that you stick to the recommended dishes rather than experiment. You
can also bring along your bottle if you’re planning to have drinks for a corkage
fee of approximately 250LE.

Christina is usually packed on weekends, especially during the summer
and autumn seasons, but the clientele is mainly of the older generation, which
gives the place a special ambience. Christina is a great bar to
visit in Agami during the winter; as it is less crowded then and its homey feel
is very attractive.

360 Tip

Stick to the chips and peanuts with the drinks at the bar; the cucumbers and carrots are usually stale.

Best Bit

Excellent place for a date, a reunion or a chit chat at the bar as it’s normally quiet and cosy.

Worst Bit

Christina is only open for dinner. The crowd can get a bit questionable on summer weekends.

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