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Tipsy Camel

Groove Central: Discover Maadi’s New Hot Spot, Tipsy Camel Bar!

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  • Street 18, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 4212050
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  • 16:30 -
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Groove Central: Discover Maadi’s New Hot Spot, Tipsy Camel Bar!

In the heart of Maadi, a new hot spot has arisen. Tipsy Camel Bar features the best bites in town with an unmatched vibe. From the exceptional playlist to the vibrant ambience, the Tipsy Camel is expected to become the destination for unforgettable nights out. Get ready as we take you through the experience at Maadi’s freshest and most exciting spot!

Tipsy Camel is definitely a go-to for sports enthusiasts, with their screens streaming everything from basketball to football and curling. Cheers, screens galore, and sports vibes – Tipsy Camel is a game-day haven. Billiards and baby foot tables can be found so that not a single moment gets dull. But that’s not all – the playlist will uplift your mood from the moment you step inside until your departure. To all the Pink Floyd fanatics, the playlist will capture your heart in no time, as the band’s iconic work dominates the playlist, elevating the atmosphere and ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Moving on to the mouthwatering dishes, Tipsy Camel’s menu features a wide variety of foods. From appetisers for a good munch to delicious main courses, you can always catch a bite that caters to your taste. Distinguishing itself as a rare venue that caters to diverse preferences, Tipsy Camel even presents an array of pork dishes, leaving no palate behind.

With Birria fries and a range of wings with different spicy and non-spicy sauces, their appetisers make for the best start to a meal and an ideal snack either for a gossip session with the girls or a game night with the guys. The Birria Fries (250 LE) were covered in pulled tender beef, delicious cheese, diced onions, guacamole, and sour cream. The rich flavours created the ideal party-in-your-mouth sensation.
Featuring a range of wings, Tipsy Camel’s amazing culinary team highly recommends indulging in the Maple Chipotle BBQ wings (200 LE for eight pieces). The wings’ bite is crispy and have a texture you can hear, while the interior remains tender. The sweet and sour sauce is everything you would want, making the wings an unmatched delight.

Concluding the culinary adventure, the gourmet Meat Party Original burger (350 LE) stands out as a must-try from Tipsy Camel’s menu. Complemented by perfectly cooked fries and fresh beef patties, combined with an array of toppings and their signature Meat Party Sauce, this classic favourite goes to new heights. The fries are enhanced with a special spice mixture containing spices and a hint of sweetness, elevating the traditional side dish and showcasing Tipsy Camel’s magic in transforming the classic favourite into something uniquely delicious.

Tipsy Camel brings together tasty food and a laid-back sports bar vibe. Whether you want to dig into a delicious meal or have a quick bite, the food is truly top-notch. Additionally, Tipsy Camel isn’t just a spot to eat; it’s where good food meets sports hangouts. So, if you’re up for some great bites and game-time cheers or just a groovy night out, Tipsy Camel’s the place to go!

360 Tip

Beware of all the glass around the bathroom; many people seem to run into it.

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The fries

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