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Miami: Sleazy Beach Bar in Downtown Cairo

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Hannah Cooper
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Miami: Sleazy Beach Bar in Downtown Cairo

On 26th of July Street in Downtown Cairo, you’ll often spot hazy tourists
and local residents alike trying to wind their way through the often confusing
topography of this city. Filling up some of the street’s tiny alleyways are bars that appear
to run a whole other business after dark.

near the Scarabee Hotel and between some clothing shops in a tight alleyway are
a slew of such bars. Miami has been around for quite some time and is a shining
testament to the convening of tourist trap meets cabaret.

At the
door, a large man gives you googly eyes upon entering; so take it or leave it
as a small sign of what is to come. There’s something about Miami that just
isn’t right. With its small tables, dim
lighting and kitschy beach decor covering the walls, a dirty charm does exist.
But when it comes to the service, we were exceedingly suspicious of the overt
friendliness of the owners, who personally shelled our peanuts for us then attempted
to feed us themselves.

Between the
loud televisions, blaring music and the occasional stop for waiters to smoke on
our shisha as well, it was a bit overwhelming; but we found some personal
security and humour in it nonetheless.  

Only beer
is available at Miami. Stella bottles are served cold and for 15LE a pop. Other
beers include Heineken and Meister Max. For 20LE – yes 20LE – a plate of
peanuts and lib (pumpkin seeds) were rather underwhelming, obviating that it
was a rip off.

For 25LE, a
mediocre shisha is well-attended to but overpriced nonetheless. According to
the other clientele around, though; it seemed like better deals were being

Needless to
say, we left Miami disappointed and feeling frustrated. Not sure what to make
of the place; but we won’t be back. All is not lost, though. For the locals,
they seemed rather happy with the place, so maybe there’s a charm about this
place that we completely missed.

360 Tip

Word is that Miami turns into a cabaret in the late hours, complete with an overzealous bellydancer and a backing musical troupe. 

Best Bit

If you’re up for a gritty adventure; you won’t be let down at Miami.

Worst Bit

Being significantly overcharged sucks, no matter where you go.

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