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Pub 55

Pub 55: Fun and Lively Pub in Maadi

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Samantha Brook
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Pub 55: Fun and Lively Pub in Maadi

Considering that the Cairo
neighbourhood of Maadi is teeming with expats, it seems unusual that Pub 55 is
one of the very few bars in the area, apart from Red Onion, Boss Bar and the

Located in the cellar of Villa 55
on Road Nine, Pub 55 resembles an old-fashioned British pub and is a haven for
locals and expats alike. The wooden floors and beams give Pub 55 an authentic
pub atmosphere, while the dim lighting helps you relax with your drink.

Curiously, entrance to the pub
may depend solely on which staff member is manning the door. On two separate
visits to the venue, this reviewer was first barred by the doorman and told
that it was a members-only pub, only to be allowed in by a different doorman on
the second visit. No mention of the members-only policy was made on the second
visit; nor is there one as far as we know.

Pub 55 has a lively party
atmosphere. Entertainment includes live music by local singers Shaimaa and
Ahmed Harfoush from Sundays to Tuesdays and a DJ from Wednesdays to Saturdays.
You will usually find punters dancing in the centre section of the pub, in
front of the small stage. The pub is divided into five small sections, which
are fairly cramped; particularly the centre section, which unfortunately makes
dancing rather difficult.

A range of
bar snacks is on offer, and food can also be ordered from the restaurant’s
menu. Bar snacks are priced between 16.99LE and 89.99LE, and include items such
as tempura shrimps, mezzas, vine leaves and mixed seafood. We ordered tempura Shrimps, beef sat
é, American fried chicken and
fried mozzarella sticks, all of which were delicious, except for the beef sat
é. The dish
was rather bland and the
accompanying sauce was a watery, salty version of soy sauce instead of the
peanut sauce that you would expect with a saté dish.

The drinks menu includes a
variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, wine,
beer and soda. Pub 55 offers Meister, Stella, Sakkara, and Heineken beer, all priced
at 19LE, which is very reasonable.

Pub 55 has a great location on
Road Nine across from Lucile’s, but unfortunately parking is difficult. In
spite of this, and the cramped dance floor, Pub 55 has a fantastic ambience and
party atmosphere that this reviewer would recommend for a fun night out in

360 Tip

Book your table in advance as it can get pretty busy, especially when Ahmed Harfoush is singing.

Best Bit

Lively party atmosphere.

Worst Bit

Rude doormen.

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