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The Tap East

The Tap East: Sunny Winter Vibes With Delicious Drinks on the Side in New Cairo

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The Tap East: Sunny Winter Vibes With Delicious Drinks on the Side in New Cairo

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What sets The Tap apart from other bars is its excellent menu selection; from buckets of yummy wings and burgers to beer towers and sangrias. The Tap has been an all-time favourite hangout for Maadians, and after it opened two more branches, everyone hopped on The Tap wagon. Usually, The Tap opens around 4 PM, but when we visited the one in New Cairo, they informed us that they started accepting families with kids on weekends from 2 PM to around 7 PM – such a great idea.

We went around 4 PM on a Friday, and the outdoor space was packed; a live band, families enjoying the atmosphere, where the area was all covered because of the weather. We didn’t find a place outside, so we happily sat at the bar until a table opened up, got the menus and skimmed through the cocktails – you can choose either to order a cocktail with imported alcohol or local. New cocktails have recently been added, so we opted to try a couple; we first got one Marshmallow Biscuit Martini (240LE) – vodka, pineapple juice, marshmallow syrup, and toasted marshmallow. This drink wasn’t overly sugary as one might expect it to be; it was a perfectly balanced martini with a tasty, toasty finish. We also got a Berry Mojito (140LE) – rum, berry puree, club soda, lime, and fresh mint leaves. It was a textbook mojito; the berry flavour stood out, and the ratios were perfect. With our first round of drinks, as an appetiser, we ordered one Shrimp Dynamite (160LE) – deep-fried shrimp tempura in special dynamite sauce. The shrimp was of good quality and crisped to perfection, and the sauce was spicy and creamy – satisfying and delicious.

We decided to get our second round of drinks, and this time opted for a Strawberry Margarita (140LE) – white tequila, Cointreau, fresh strawberries and fresh lime juice. This drink was tangy, sweet and refreshing; however, the Cointreau flavour didn’t come through as much as we hoped. Lastly, we chose for the Salted Caramel Martini (240LE) – vodka, Bailey’s, salted caramel with half and half (one-half cream and one-half whole milk mixture). Once again, a very creamy yet sweet cocktail with a hint of saltiness – for people who don’t mind dairy with alcohol, this cocktail is for you.

Time for food, even though the wings and burgers are signatures dishes – we opted for some different choices from the menu; we got the Mushroom Mascarpone Risotto (120LE) – creamy risotto with mascarpone cheese and mushroom, topped with parmesan cheese. Amazing quality ingredients make quality dishes; the risotto was skillfully prepared – it oozed with flavour and was cooked impeccably. It is quite a filling plate; a bit heavy, but packed with creamy deliciousness. Our second dish was the Philly Cheese Steak (156LE) – medium steak topped with sautéed onions, pepper, and provolone cheese. This dish didn’t quite match the overall success of the meal; first-off, it came without the cheese, which was quite funny considering the name of the sandwich. We returned it, and the cheese was added. Still, the bread was too much for the amount of meat inside the sandwich; something was proportionally off. Conversely, the steak was cooked amazingly, the sautéed vegetables were seasoned generously, and the side of fries was crunchy and spiced.

The Philly Cheese Steak mishap aside, the ambience and quality of ingredients really shined; everyone happily enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. Opening its doors on weekends for families is a smart move- The Tap certainly proved itself to be more than just a bar, but a regular hangout for friends and families alike.

360 Tip

It is better to make a reservation before heading there.

Best Bit

The ambience and drinks.

Worst Bit

The Philly Cheese Steak wasn’t the best.



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