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2019 in the Capital: Your Ultimate Guide to Cairo’s Best Restaurants
written by
Cairo 360

We’ve said our final goodbyes to 2018, and are looking forward to a whole new year in Cairo. 2018 brought us a whole lot of good, and if it were just the restaurants we’ve discovered in that year, we’d strongly claim it was blissful. In 2018, we’ve seen a lot of new restaurants open in Cairo and discovered others that took their place in our hearts with their delicious food and an excellent atmosphere. Today, we celebrate those discoveries and share them with you to help you plan your 2019 outings!

Food Gun

Blasting their way into the burger scene of Cairo, Food Gun offer some of the capital’s biggest burgers, and they’re delicious to the last bite. We also love their ambience and decoration which add a new dimension to the experience.


This small Maadi restaurant offers a ton of different items, from salads to pasta and pizzas, as well as a host of excellent main dishes. Perhaps their unique feature is the hot stone on which you can cook your own meat.


Turkish restaurants are not that famous in Cairo, but Bosporus, taking its place in Mall of Egypt, is about to change that. We were delighted by the freshness they brought to cuisine in Cairo.

Dirty Byrd

Most burger restaurants are about the beef, but Dirty Byrd shows us that chicken burgers are just as good. Their presentation, taste, and quality are of premium level, and have cemented their place as a go-to for chicken lovers.

ILA Café

Yet another Lebanese restaurant? Well, this one is quite different. It brings a certain flair to Lebanese cuisine with brilliant service, competitive prices, and great food.

Good Stuff Eatery

This restaurant definitely lives up to its name. The American chain landed in Galleria40 to steal our hearts with some of the best burgers in town. Overpriced? Perhaps. But definitely worth a try.

Sea Salt Bakery

One of the things we love the most about the food scene in Cairo is diversity, and Sea Salt Bakery offers just that with their take on healthy food. They offer a ton of flavourful options for people watching their weight, and are the perfect dine-out spot for vegans in Cairo.


Galleria40 always brings new flavours to town, and Sanos is no exception. Whether you’re going for brunch, lunch, or dinner, Sanos will satisfy you with hearty food or healthy food, but definitely delicious food. P.S. Their rotisserie chicken is flawless.

Soul – Chips & Dips

Another Galleria40 spot, taking a small space in its Zaitouna Food Hall. In line with its name, Soul offers potato and sweet potato chips with a ton of dip options. Perfect snack food for the not-hungry-but-could-eat state.


Healthy food can be delicious, and it can look appetising. This is the challenge that Lyfe took upon themselves. They offer a diverse assortment of healthy plates along with refreshing smoothies without any added sugars.

Samarqan Noodles

This Maadi spot may not be exactly new, but this hidden gem was quite a discovery for us in 2018. Our visit was delightful thanks to their authentic feel, variety, and excellent taste. They also happily accommodate for special requests.

Coco’s Canteen

Operating under the same management of Coco Restaurant, this Canteen is all about finger food. They have a variety of sandwiches, appetisers, and desserts; perfect for a guilty pleasure meal.

Frank & Co.

Frank & Co. describe themselves as a tapas and drink specialist, so how did they fare? They got everything down perfectly: decoration, serving plates, food presentation, and of course, the quality and taste of the food itself.

Primo’s Pizza

We’ve been hearing a lot about this pizza spot in Nasr City and Heliopolis, and at the beginning of 2018 we paid it a visit. The short version: We loved it! Primo’s Pizza offers cheesy, hearty, thick, and generously topped pizzas for quite reasonable prices.


Heliopolis had a new upscale restaurant in ESCA at the beginning of 2018. A menu developed and headed by Cairo’s top chefs would always have high expectations, and they strongly delivered. It’s a beautifully elegant setting with mouthwatering presentation and taste that will make your day.