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Coco’s Canteen: Brilliant Service & Delicious Food

Some restaurants draw us in with pictures of their food, while we gravitate towards others thanks to the reputation they’ve gained. As for Coco’s Canteen, it took us in with its stunning aesthetic design. Taking the smallest spot in River Walk New Cairo, Coco’s Canteen is under the same management as Coco Restaurant (located right next to it).

The canteen was added with the purpose of being a destination for quick bites and delicious nibbles. Their menu consists mainly of sandwiches in buns and naan bread, in addition to a diverse selection of appetisers, side items, desserts, as well as a few flavours of ice cream.

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We skimmed through the menu to find our feast for the day, and after a much-appreciated discussion with the people of Coco’s Canteen, we arrived at a decision thanks to their suggestions. Our meal started with the Canteen Bomb (95 EGP) as an appetiser, along with Chili Fries (65 EGP) for the table. Next up, we had two burger buns: chicken in The CFC Bun (75 EGP), and meat in the Am Your Bun (80 EGP). And we finished it all off with the Crunchy Oreo Delight (45 EGP).

Diving right in, we started things with the Chili Fries. It was your usual assortment of fries, minced meat, melted cheese, plus some diced tomatoes, onions, and peppers. There was barely any spiciness to the dish which will suit those who can’t handle the heat, but the dish still sparked flavour. The chilli was brilliantly cooked and very meaty. Perhaps a tad too salty for some, but we were okay. The melted cheese and diced veggies just brought the whole thing together.

Next up, we went for the Canteen Bomb, as per the staff’s suggestion. This Combo-Bombo comes as three pieces of wings (with your choice of sauce), three pieces of chicken strips, three mini corn dogs, three fried balls stuffed with beetroot, and one mozzarella slab. The mini corn dogs were quite a nice addition to the meal, and the chicken strips fared okay but weren’t really that good. The mozzarella slab was a hoot to eat, while the fried beetroot balls were a unique and very tasty addition. As for the chicken wings, we ordered their signature cheesy smoky BBQ wings, which are the messiest we’ve seen. Wings drizzled in BBQ sauce, and topped with melted cheese and ranch sauce. While you may usually dip buffalo wings in ranch sauce or blue cheese, having them done for you may not suit everyone. There was a not-so-bad mix of flavours, but it felt a bit like overkill. Overall, the Canteen Bomb is a perfect appetiser if you want to try out different items.

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Our next endeavour was the main course: the buns. The staff were very aware of our desire to share, so they asked if we would like both sandwiches to be cut in half, and they served us with half of each on each plate. Sandwiches are served with fries and a delish mustard sauce. We started with the CFC Bun, which is a perfectly cooked chicken patty, topped with cheese and a dash of guacamole. While you may not instantly taste the individual toppings, they all work together to make for a delicious sandwich. As for the Am Your Bun, the burger was perfectly spiced and cooked, and the crispy melted cheddar pané on top worked wonders for the dish. We didn’t taste the bacon or the Canteen cocktail sauce very clearly, but the burger was still very tasty.

Before we go on to the dessert, we must highlight something. Despite the food being quite delicious, we noticed that the crust of all their fried pieces taste very similar, be it the beetroot balls, mozzarella slab, or even the chicken sandwich. That is something that may annoy a few foodies out there.

Now for the dessert, in addition to it being quite a treat, the staff insisted on treating us to it, and decided to take it out of the check, despite our not-so-convincing argument. The Crunchy Oreo Delight was indeed delightful. It comes as two pieces, each one is a fried cornflake batter, stuffed with two Oreo pieces and caramel syrup.

Our overall experience at Coco’s Canteen was truly a blast. We were starving, and their food was delicious and filling enough to satisfy our taste buds and our bellies.


360 Tip

The indoor area is a bit small; we recommend sitting in the outdoor area.

Best Bit

The CFC Bun + Chili Fries. 

Worst Bit

The Chicken Strips.

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