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Abby’s Kitchen

Abby’s Kitchen: The Delivery-Based Kitchen’s Sushi Impresses at Sheikh Zayed

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  • Delivery-only in Sheikh Zayed and October
  • 13:00 - 22:00
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Ramy Soliman
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Abby’s Kitchen: The Delivery-Based Kitchen’s Sushi Impresses at Sheikh Zayed

Let’s face it, the idea of ordering sushi at home is usually not the best thing to do; why would you risk such a costly experience, when you can order anything else? However, a lot of people have been talking about Abby’s Kitchen, founded by a young lady called Nadine Abby, so we’ve decided to give it a try.

The delivery-based kitchen currently operates only in the 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed areas. Abby’s Kitchen accepts orders between 1.00 PM – 10.00PM, and you can place your order by sending an Instagram DM or calling on this number 0100-320-0003.

When it comes to the menu, it’s divided into three categories; catering, which is great for big gatherings and parties; ‘create your own sushi platter’, and the special rolls that you can order separately. We ended up creating our own platter that consisted of 24 pieces (195LE), alongside Redfire Dragon Roll (60LE), Abby’s Double Special (60LE), and Skyfall Roll (60LE) -4 pieces each- from the specials.

Starting with the platter we created, it consisted of Abby’s Crispy Roll, Panko Crispy Shrimp, New Philadelphia, Lemon Roll, Spider Roll, and the rest was a selection of nigiri. We absolutely loved how the texture and stickiness of the rice were on point, and the medium size of the rolls was perfect. The nigiri was perfectly shaped, and the fried rolls were all hot, and the shrimp maintained its crispiness. In general, the quality of the ingredients was excellent, and the overall presentation of the sushi was beautiful! The only downside of this choice is that there aren’t any tuna rolls in the ‘create your own sushi platter’ section, and the whole menu has no eel or white fish options.

In case you’re wondering if the lemon roll is as good as other sushi places, well it was better; the ratio between the salmon and shrimp, and rice and cream was probably the best we’ve encountered, not to mention the terrific spicy mayo sauce.

Way bigger in size than the regular ones, the special rolls were slightly hard to handle. But, in terms of flavours, we enjoyed how every roll was topped with a delicious combo; like the spicy shredded crab on the Skyfall, the diced tuna with avocado on the Redfire Dragon, the shrimp with spicy mayo on Abby’s Double Special.

All in all, Abby’s Kitchen is an excellent choice if you want to fulfil your sushi craving for a reasonable price while enjoying your favourite movie at home (as long as your home happens to be in 6th of October or Sheikh Zayed, of course).

360 Tip

Abby’s Kitchen has a vegetarian menu too!

Best Bit

The reasonably-priced, good quality sushi.

Worst Bit

The sauces weren’t enough for the order.

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