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Abo Ammar El Soury

Abo Ammar El Soury: Living Up to its Reputation in Heliopolis

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Abo Ammar El Soury: Living Up to its Reputation in Heliopolis
One would be hard-pressed to find someone in Cairo that hasn’t heard that the best shawerma in town is at Abo Ammar El Soury. Those familiar with Abo Ammar’s shawerma are often so through the branch in Mohandiseen. What about the branch in Heliopolis, though? Does their shawerma live up to the legendary reputation?

We’re happy to report that, yes indeed, the Abo Ammar name continues to maintain its reputation when it comes to the mouth-watering morsels of chicken or beef, wrapped in warm and comfortingly chewy bread – also known as ‘saj’.

The secret behind Abo Ammar’s superiority over its counterparts is still, to some extent, a secret. However, we do speculate that perhaps it might have something to do with their delicious tomeya – or garlic sauce.

The price of takeaway shawerma is probably one of the best bargains in town as it delivers taste bud satisfaction at only 13LE. If you’re dining in, the price jumps to 17LE, but in return, you get fries and pickles on the side, and the shawerma is nicely cut for you into manageable pieces that can be brought to the mouth daintily.

The interior of the restaurant channels ‘koshary joint’ as much as the Mohandiseen branch, but the seating at the Heliopolis branch is very limited; a handful of tables and chairs on the ground floor are all within arm’s-length of the bathroom, while the upstairs seating area was closed to customers at the time of our visit.

If you get tired of the shawerma, which is highly unlikely, we were also very pleased with the kofta (17LE); well seasoned and with a nicely cooked, we gave it two thumbs up. Next time, we won’t hesitate to try something new from the large variety of what Abo Ammar has to offer; from fatta and shish tawouk to mahshy of all kinds.

On the other hand, though, the desserts were disappointing. We ordered the konafa nablusiya (10LE), hoping that the cheesy shami version of the nutty Egyptian konafa would be warm, gooey and satisfying. Unfortunately, the cheese was hard and dry and the rest of the konafa was too sweet with syrup.

Thanks to these two branches of, there’s no excuse to settle for lesser-quality shawerma, wherever you are in Cairo. If you steer clear of the desserts and get your meal delivered or takeaway, you can depend on Abo Ammar El Soury to satisfy and please.

360 Tip

If you are around Heliopolis or Nasr City, order by phone. Delivery is quick!

Best Bit

The shawerma. Just do it.

Worst Bit

The dessert (konafa, specifically). Just don’t.

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