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Al Sharouk

Al Sharouk: Downtown Cairo’s Best Falafel

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Hannah Cooper
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Al Sharouk: Downtown Cairo’s Best Falafel

We all know that Downtown Cairo isn’t hurting for street
food, but sometimes you never know what you’re going to get in terms of quality
and taste. Whether you like to have a sit-down meal or prefer the hassle-free
stall takeaway, quality and service can range from outstanding to downright

The Cairo area of Bab El Louk is full of cheap eats and this
little stand may possibly serve up the best falafel that this reviewer
has had in Downtown Cairo.

Located next door to Radio Shack and across from
Costa Coffee on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Al Sharouk first appears like nothing
out of the ordinary. It literally is a hole in the wall where you place your
order while standing on the pavement.

Al Sharouk has been in business for years and they make no
bones about it. The options available are nothing too crazy but they handle
their traditional dishes exceptionally well. For 0.75LE, a falafel is piled
with fresh, chilled salad and an extra helping of tehina. The sandwich’s baladi
bread is always fresh as well and aids in the messy digestion where shami bread
usually fails.

For the same price, foul sandwiches are also on the menu and
include finely chopped tomatoes, onions and parsley to give the dish an added
kick. While the eggplant seems to always be a bit too greasy for our liking, Al
Sharouk’s French fries are crispy and make as a great side dish to one of the
aforementioned sandwiches.

Al Sharouk is a great place for grabbing a sandwich or two.
The staff know their business and they know it well, always providing a smile
and some of the best customer service around. Don’t hesitate to ask for an
extra helping of tehina or more salad either; they don’t mind sharing!

If you happen to stop by, head over to Costa Coffee afterwards for
a cold drink to wash it all down. You won’t be disappointed with Al Sharouk’s
falafel or their friendly attention, either.

360 Tip

If you’re starving, grab a dynamite sandwich. You won’t need to eat again all day.

Best Bit

The falafel is delicious.

Worst Bit

There are limited options on the menu.

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