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American with a Twist of French: A Culinary Odyssey by District 5’s Brisk

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American with a Twist of French: A Culinary Odyssey by District 5’s Brisk
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In the heart of Marakez District 5 is a ‘70s-themed American diner that will instantly grab your attention! Brisk is a restaurant that offers American delicacies with a French twist. Presenting you with a ranges of  smash burger, smoked brisket meals, sides, and desserts, here is everything you need to know before kicking off this culinary experience.

The ambience of the location at Brisk is ideal for a hang-out or a casual date night. With its vibrant playlist, ’70s-themed tables, and outdoor benches, the area presents a “cool kids hang out spot in the ’70s” vibe.

Bread, bread, and bread! Brisk delivers a tantalising array of bread options, transforming sandwiches into culinary masterpieces. The menu boasts classic toast, fluffy brioche, innovative sweet potato buns, and much more, each curated and chosen to complement specific sandwiches. The sliders, made with fluffy brioche, provide a delightful experience, while the burgers find harmony with the perfectly balanced sweet potato buns. Brisk’s commitment to selecting the ideal type of bread for each sandwich creates a match made in heaven!

Now, on to burgers. The smashed burger (150 EGP) was cooked to perfection. The beef patty, in particular, had a smooth pull, to the beef patty and the cheese. Their garlic sauce adds the finishing touch to elevate the smashed delight. The only concern we may have is the need to add a bit of salt to your burger. The skins on the fries were perfectly crispy and were well seasoned.

Moving on to the smoked brisket, Brisk’s impeccable smoking technique achieves the perfect harmony between chewy and smooth! Topped with their homemade barbecue sauce, the sauce was balanced and elevated the taste of the brisket. Brisk’s brisket is the must-have from their menu at EGP 255 per 100g.

To end the experience with a sweet delight, the taste pallet on Brisk’s French toast bites was perfectly balanced, though the highlight of the dish had to be the textures! From the crisp exterior adorned with your choice of sauce—Lotus, Nutella (which we highly recommend), caramel, or maple syrup—to the doughy interior of fluffy and smooth dough, a perfect harmony is achieved. The combination of textures and the dessert’s sweetness creates a beautifully balanced experience, solidifying the French toast bites as our second menu essential.

All in all, Brisk emerges as an American haven with delightful French twists. The overall experience is top-tier, especially with the highly recommended brisket and French toast. Sides complement meals perfectly – the coleslaw was perfectly balanced, and the skin-on fries were delightfully crispy. Those who prefer their food on the saltier side may want to know that the salt ratio is very subtle. The ambience, however, adds another layer to the experience, elevating it to a memorable culinary journey.

360 Tip

Ask the staff to add an extra pinch of salt. Be aware that the pricing for the brisket is per 100g only. 

Best Bit

The smoking on the brisket. The textures of the French toast bites. The skin on fries.

Worst Bit

The lacking in salt made the experience a little underwhelming.

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