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Arigato: A Culinary Journey through Cairo’s Sushi Haven

All-You-Can-Eat sushi restaurant sushi
  • Zahra El madayen Square, Leganda mall - SHeikh Zayed
  • Sushi
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Arigato: A Culinary Journey through Cairo’s Sushi Haven

Initially famous for its All You Can Eat offer, Arigato is a sushi and Asian fusion restaurant with various branches around the capital. Whether in New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, or Zamalek, a nearby Arigato will satisfy your sushi craving. Offering a range of rolls and combos and appetising Asian dishes, Arigato presents an unmatched food experience. So, for all the sushi enthusiasts out there, brace yourselves for a culinary adventure like no other.

With an Asian staff commanding the kitchen, Arigato delivers Asian fusion at its peak. With the restaurant’s wood-themed décor adorned with Asian art and accompanied by Japanese music, the location offers a well-rounded and authentic experience. The calm ambience, accompanied by an Asian twist, ensures an authentic culinary journey.

Starting off with their Miso soup, it is the perfect warm hug in this chilly weather! Packed with flavours that delight your taste buds, this soup is an ideal start to your meal. Another delightful kickstart is Arigato’s signature shrimp konafa. The crunchy konafa exterior gives way to perfectly cooked, soft shrimp inside, creating a flawless balance of textures and flavours.

Moving on to the main course, their sushi combos are ideal for a solo date or a full-blown sushi feast, starting with 16 pieces and going up to a whopping 100 pieces. The prices start at EGP 320 and go up to 1800 for the 100-piece combo. Arigato is also famous for its All You Can Eat offer, which is ideal for sushi lovers looking to try a variety of rolls and indulge in a limitless sushi experience, an appetiser, and soup for 760 EGP, including the services and taxes.

Presenting both ranges of raw and fried delights, immerse yourself in a menu that has something for everyone! The raw sushi presents you with a fresh taste of the ocean. Whether you’re looking to indulge in raw rolls, sashimi, or Nigiri bites, these rolls are fresh, and their flavours are perfectly balanced. Nothing overpowers the fresh, delightful taste of the waves.

Arigato’s fried sushi rolls also present a culinary triumph. With perfect harmony between the rice, fillings, and the crunchy exterior, each roll offers a gratifying crunch without being excessively oily. This variant caters to sushi enthusiasts seeking an alternative to the traditional raw fish texture that might bother some. 

The presentation of these dishes is something to witness: the aesthetically pleasing platters and signature sushi boats engulfed in smoke add a stunning and luxurious touch to the meal. Definitely let the team know if you’re celebrating a special occasion, as they will make sure to add a few twists to your plate. Among the rolls recommended by the team are the Shrimp Teppanyaki Roll, New Philadelphia Roll, and Golden Bermuda Roll. 

Arigato introduces a wholesome Asian Fusion culinary experience, seamlessly blending ambience and a menu with perfectly balanced textures and flavours. With a diverse array of rolls accommodating every palate and budget-friendly offerings that cater to every budget, Arigato emerges as the prime destination for a delectable and affordable sushi fiesta.

360 Tip

Make sure to inform the team of any special occasion you're celebrating or a surprise you're planning they would be more than happy to help. 

Best Bit

Sushi freshness, and presentation. 

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