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Awlad Ta’ta’

Awlad Ta’ta’: Wholesome Egyptian Seafood in Nasr City

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Basma Mostafa
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Awlad Ta’ta’: Wholesome Egyptian Seafood in Nasr City
The opening of Awlad Ta’ta’ on Mostafa El-Nahas Street in Nasr City has the neighbourhood’s residents excited. “You have to try it!” they said and try we did.

The problem with visiting any Nasr City-based venue is finding an empty parking spot and Awlad Ta’ta’ is no different. Luckily for us, the delivery guys, who are usually hanging outside, are happy to lend a hand.

The restaurant is divided into two floors. The first floor is smaller and quieter and it’s also where the kitchen is located. The second floor is bigger and is bustling with patrons. Orange takes centre stage in the restaurant’s décor, with pictures of aquatic scenery and various sea creatures hanging across the walls.

Once we were seated, a waiter brought us sanitized hot towels to spare us the trip to the restroom to wash our hands. Complimentary soft drinks, followed by a basket of freshly-baked shami bread were also served to our table. The bread, baked especially for Awlad Ta’ta’, was like nothing we have ever tasted; it was soft, fresh and melted in the mouth.

The menu is varied, with plenty of classic Egyptian seafood options on offer. We ordered a tehina salad (4LE) and pickled cucumbers (4LE) to get going; the tehina was mundane,, but a necessary seafood appetiser for any form of seafood nonetheless. Our first hearty venture came through a serving of shrimp kofta (20LE), which were delicious and set us up for a phosphorus-rich meal.

The seafood rice (8LE) is served with small shrimp and diced calamari. The portion was generous and is suitable for sharing. Although the rice is really just a canvas for the seafood, it still stood up as a dish in its own right. The seafood pasta comes with a choice between penne or spaghetti and Alfredo sauce or arrabiata sauce; we settled on the penne, drenched in rich, creamy Alfredo sauce (25LE). Served with small shrimp and diced calamari, the pasta fared even better than the rice.

Wanting to enjoy our seafood meal with as little hassle as possible, we opted for a fillet (90LE/kg). For one person, ordering 250 grams (three pieces of fish) would be more than enough. The fried fillet had a pleasing golden crust, but the grilled fillet was better-seasoned and much lighter on the stomach.

As one of the more expensive options on the menu, shrimp will set you back between 120LE and 220LE per kilogram, depending on the size of said shrimp. We ordered the medium-sized fried shrimp (150LE/ kg) and again, 250 grams made for a sizeable dish for two people to share. Although the golden-coloured, perfectly-cooked shrimp was delicious and fresh, it lacked a bit in seasoning.

The belle of the ball, however, was the shrimp molokheya (15LE). If you’re already a fan of molokheya, you will love this concoction. The soup was flawlessly prepared with the small shrimp adding a wonderful flavour to the already-delectable dish.

We can’t claim that it’s just the quality of the seafood that will keep us coming back; it’s the attentiveness with which your needs are handled and the impeccable service that make Awlad Ta’ta’ a new favourite in Nasr City.

360 Tip

Awlad Ta'ta' also has branches in Maadi and Helwan.

Best Bit

Everything was fresh - no smelly fish here.

Worst Bit

The tables are arranged so closely together it’s easy to overhear adjacent conversations.

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