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Ayadina: Outstanding Iftar Buffet

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Ayadina: Outstanding Iftar Buffet

Open buffets in Ramadan are usually known for their mediocre quality and variety. Thankfully, our experience at Ayadina’s Iftar buffet was the complete opposite.

Our review took place in their latest branch at MOA’s The Park. The buffet (300LE per person) was located at the spacious outdoor area with two lines for a smoother movement. The staff were friendly and always offering people help. From hummus and halloumi salad to a killer eggplant with yoghurt salad, and the Lebanese essentials like fattoush and tabbouleh, there were so many options to choose from when it comes to cold mezzah. What really stood out were the stuffed vine leaves, which had a flawless mix of sweetness and tanginess, and the mohamara that had the perfect amount of heat to it, not to mention the fantastic chunky yet smooth texture.

The hot mezzah were just as good as the cold ones. If you like mana’esh with cheese, thyme, or lahm be ajeen, or you’re looking for sambousak or batata harra, the buffet has got you covered. If there’s one thing that stole the show, it would have to be the Kobeba with pomegranate molasses. We absolutely loved the consistency of the iconic sauce and how the kobeba was still crispy on the outside.

We have to be honest with you, our plate was 60% full when we reached the mains, and that’s because of how good the starters were. However, the mains were also too good to miss.

Our personal favourite from the grill was the kofta, which was super juicy and had a great texture. We also got to try their shawarma Fattah, which was simple yet well prepared. There was also fried fish with chunky tomato sauce on the side that was definitely a crowd pleaser. However, our least favourite item was the chicken negresco that felt out of place and was too lumpy. Did we mention that they also make molokheya the Lebanese way, which is served as leaves with pickled diced onion and crispy bread?

There’s always room for dessert, especially when it includes om Ali, sambousak-shaped konafa, fresh fruit, and many other options. That small space we had in our tummies was saved for their perfectly executed super cheesy konafa nabulsi. We loved that the simple syrup was on the side since we don’t like overly sweet oriental desserts.

All in all, we had a great time at Ayadina. The quality and variety of the food were very impressive, the service was fantastic, and the whole experience was just smooth and quite enjoyable. It’s definitely the buffet everyone deserves in Ramadan.

360 Tip

There’s also a Sohour buffet for 140LE including drinks and shisha!

Best Bit

Kobeba with pomegranate molasses stole the show!

Worst Bit

Negresco was mediocre.

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