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Be Good To You

Be Good to You: Healthy Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant Comes to Sheikh Zayed

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Be Good to You: Healthy Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant Comes to Sheikh Zayed

Be Good to You first opened inside Kattameya Heights’ Club House a few years ago, and recently, another branch popped up at Capital Business Promenade in Sheikh Zayed. Undoubtedly, we were very excited to go check it out; healthy-focused menus in Cairo are not that many, as we all know.

We got to the venue and opted for a couch inside because it was chilly outside. The ambience is as colourful and cheerful as it could be; a bright fruit display and free water dispenser, giving an Instagrammable vibe. We took the menus and decided to order only vegetarian options to get a real grip on the creative, specialised veggie-aspect of the menu. We started with the drinks; we got one Holy Matcha (55LE) – Japanese green tea, banana, and raw honey, with the addition of almond milk. Being particularly familiar with Matcha and all its sub-products, the verdict would be that the Matcha flavour was extremely faint in this drink – almost non-existent, which was a shame. We also ordered the Cleanse Intense (55LE) – cold-pressed celery, apple, parsley, kale, spinach, cucumber, and lemon. This option was delicious and fresh – vegetable juice fans will definitely enjoy it.

Next stop, the appetiser round; we chose the Veggie Spring Rolls (65LE) – mixed vegetables, rice paper, and peanut sauce. This was a very provocative dish for us. The “fresh” spring roll is originally a famous Vietnamese recipe, and what was served to us is the restaurant’s take on the dish – but sad to say, it wasn’t the best execution. The rice paper was not properly rolled, so it was rather hard to eat it without the ingredients falling out, the vegetables inside were bland, and the peanut sauce had a jelly-like consistency, which was quite distasteful.

We began to order our mains – once more focusing on famous vegetarian recipes. We got the Zoodles Vegan Meat Balls (90LE) – zucchini noodles and mixed vegetables with hummus balls in tomato sauce. The zoodles were a great consistency and properly cooked; however, the tomato sauce was crying out for seasoning and dreadfully watery – it masked the flavour and, ultimately, ruined the dish.

The second main was the Beetroot Burger (90LE) – beetroot, brown rice, and black lentil patty with lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, and spicy mayo in a wholewheat bun. Ten minutes after we ordered, we were informed that the whole wheat bun was not available. The only substitute available was toast, to which we agreed, even though it isn’t the best way to have a burger. The plate came beautifully presented, but on the other hand, the patty itself needed more flavour and texture. Nevertheless, the avocado tasted great, spicy mayo had great flavour, and the side salad had the perfect bite – but, the side potatoes were cold, chewy, and unnecessary.

The last stop was the dessert, and after some debate, we settled on the Slice of Heaven (70LE) – a piece of pie made with mixed nuts, dates, coconut, cashew, peanut butter, and date syrup. This dessert was delicious; the ingredients married well together, and it tasted perfect for a healthy dessert.

Unfortunately, we had higher hopes for BGTY; the taste and flavours are neither memorable nor well-executed. Focused healthy vegetarian dishes are always hard to master because you don’t get to use the usual ingredients to elevate flavour and texture, like cream, butter, and so on. Some aspects of the menu were good, but others failed even to meet their menu descriptions – hopefully, we will see more improvements from BGTY because healthy food demands are sure to increase in the upcoming years.


360 Tip

Breakfast ends at 2.00PM.

Best Bit

The cold pressed juice & dessert.

Worst Bit

Lack of flavours and attention to detail in the vegetarian/vegan options.

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