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Bebabel: Beirut-Born Bistro Concept Lands In Park Street

Bebabel: Beirut-Born Bistro Concept Lands In Park Street

Lebanese food is among the heartiest, most-flavourful you can eat, but with everything that has been unfortunately happening there, it’s not as easy to go there to visit as it used to be. Lebanon’s sophisticated food landscape expanded over the centuries. A meal today might bring the culinary traditions of Syria, Palestine, Morocco, Armenia, Turkey, and more to the Beiruti table. So if you find yourself craving that authentic Lebanese flavour, Bebabel just made it to Sheikh Zayed City, coming from Beirut just a few months ago.

Bebabel resides in the ever so classy business-centric complex, Park Street, just next to Captial Business Park. As we walked past Le Flandrin, we noticed tables buzzing over at Bebabel, and we decided to give it a go. The classical vibe was evident with a grey chic interior and some greenery and mirrors to dazzle the place. We were greeted by the hostess at the entrance and were shown to a table outside. As we were browsing through the menu, we noticed that it had a modern take on it, with dishes like burgers, quinoa salad, and more. We decided to get one Cheese Roll Platter (90 LE) and one Cold Talatas (165 LE) – three mezzeh of our choosing; we got the beetroot, hummus, and vine leaves. All the appetisers came in more than perfect; the beetroot was refreshingly seasoned, the hummus was creamy, and the vine leaves were zesty and balanced with a hint of sweetness. The cheese rolls were also a fantastic starter as the cheese filling was beautifully stretchy, and the dough had a satisfying crunch.

We then ordered our mains, we got one Shish Tawook (230 LE), and we had to give the Ravioli Shish Barak (175 LE) a try. The Shish Barak dish was a flavour bomb; the Arabian version of the Italian Ravioli was a flavoursome, creamy, and tasty delight. The bite-sized dumpling had a delicious beef filling and an even better yoghurt sauce – a definite 10/10 dish. The Shish Tawook dish, in comparison, fell a bit short on flavour. The chicken was a bit overcooked and bland, and the vegetables were also mediocre. However, that didn’t, in any way, affect how we felt about our meal. Everything else was beyond fabulous – we wanted to continue to dessert, but we were pretty full at that point.

Our experience was rather lovely; the breezy atmosphere, the classy interior, the professional staff, and the delicious food all came together to bring us a great meal. Even if one dish falls short, people tend not to be too fussy when everything else is going well. Bebabel is definitely the place to go if you are craving classy yet authentic Lebanese staples and creations.

360 Tip

The place is usually crowded on weekends, especially during lunchtime, so it is better to reserve ahead; call 01205999993 for reservations.

Best Bit

The Shish Barak.

Worst Bit

The Shish Tawook.

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