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Bella: Simple, Authentic Italian Dishes with Big Flavours at Four Seasons Nile Plaza

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Ramy Soliman
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Bella: Simple, Authentic Italian Dishes with Big Flavours at Four Seasons Nile Plaza

Over the last few years, it’s been really hard to find an authentic Italian restaurant – which is understandable. Real, authentic Italian flavours are an acquired taste, the process of making it takes time and requires fresh ingredients. However, there are a select few restaurants that refuse to adapt to local tastes – one of which is Bella.

Located inside the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Bella’s ambiance is on the classy side as you’d expect of a hotel restaurant, with wood and marble in the interior, a great view of the Nile and excellent level of service.  

While ordering our food, we were welcomed with a complementary thin-crust pizza topped with a fresh and light pizza sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Moments later, the waiter came with an irresistible collection of Italian loaves, but the soft hot dog loaf stood out with exquisite flavours from the tomato sauce and the green pepper which complimented the hot dog perfectly.

After the impressive welcoming, we kicked things off with a Caprese Salad (125LE) as an appetiser. Composed of tomato slices, fresh basil, semi-soft gooey buffalo mozzarella balls, and crispy pesto bread, all drizzled with olive oil and more pesto for a bolder basil flavour, the ingredients were fresh and good quality – which is what anyone would ask for in this simple dish.

Moving to the mains, we ordered ‘Today’s Special’ (400LE) which was Rib Eye Steak with Mushroom Risotto. The perfectly medium-cooked steak itself was a showstopper and came with a sweet jus sauce, which is usually made of soy sauce, garlic and the dripping fat from the cooked steak – YUM. The mushroom risotto, meanwhile, was just as good; it had a spot-on texture, super creamy, generous amount of fresh mushrooms and a hint of truffle oil that took the risotto to a new level of deliciousness.

We also tried Salmon Fillet (280LE) and it was far from disappointing. Served with roasted potato slices and garlicky sautéed spinach, the moist and flaky grilled salmon fillet – boasting fantastic grill marks – was bursting with sweet flavours from the balsamic glaze. This dish represents simplicity at its finest.

Even though it’s a Spanish dessert, the Catalana (80LE) – a Spanish version of crème brulee – is actually very popular in Italy, so don’t be surprised when you find it in any top Italian restaurant. The dessert comes in the form of a glass filled with slightly dense and not-too-sweet custard, topped with cubes of cinnamon-infused pear and slices of date. Despite missing the ‘brulee’ part, the Catalana had great flavours.

Overall, our experience at Bella was close to flawless. Fantastic service, classy ambiance, and delicious authentic Italian flavours all in one, quite price, package.

360 Tip

Italian not your thing? Try other Four Seasons Nile Plaza restaurants like Upper Deck and Zitouni.

Best Bit

The pecial should be a regular, because the steak and mushroom risotto were to die for.

Worst Bit

Almost 1200LE paid for 2 people - ouch.

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