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Bistro: Reasonably-Priced Italian & International Dishes at Enduring Nasr City Restaurant

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Angie El Batrawy
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Bistro: Reasonably-Priced Italian & International Dishes at Enduring Nasr City Restaurant

Inflation and the floating of the Egyptian pound has changed the way people dine out – it’s almost become a luxury for many. A few years ago, one would be looking out for the swankiest restaurants in town, but the state of the economy has us looking for cheaper places – which isn’t easy.

But there are a handful of places that have remained relatively affordable without compromising the quality of its food – Bistro.

Little has changed about the Nasr City restaurant since our last review in 2012; it still has a warm, inviting feel and even a touch of nostalgia thanks to the pencil-etched portraits of classic Hollywood stars. The salad bar is also where we found it last; in the middle of the restaurant, around which the swift waiters are energetically hovering.

Taking a look at the extensive menu, we opted for the soup of the day, Cream of Mushroom Soup (17.95LE),  in addition to the mains dishes of Bruno Veal Rolls (76.95LE) and Penne Veal Casserole (52.95LE).

We also ordered a salad plate (24.95LE), which offers Taboula, green salad, Caesar salad, pickled olives and coleslaw.

The soup was rich and creamy, with a generous amount of mushroom in it. Shortly, we were served the two mains. With a hefty portion that can feed up to two persons, the Penne Veal Casserole boasted a mix of pasta, mushroom and mozzarella cheese, all coated with heavy white sauce, whose overly-dense consistency seems to be the only flaw with what could have been a perfect dish for pasta lovers.

Formed of two pieces of beef that are stuffed with pepperoni and cheddar cheese, while topped with BBQ sauce, the Bruno Veal Rolls surpassed the first dish. Despite being thick, the beef pieces were cooked to perfection and its flavour was complemented well by the sharper taste of the pepperoni and the creaminess of the cheese. As for the sides, the potato wedges and the sautéed vegetables they were equally delightful and fresh, especially the former, which had a well-seasoned crispy crust.

Too full to try any of their desserts or drinks, we promised ourselves to leave a room for them on our next visit, which we believe will happen soon enough, for Bistro offers what one needs these days; a friendly, swift service with affordable quality food, who would ask for more?

While it may not be the trendiest restaurant around – and it’s unlikely you’ll have your socks blown off by its food, Bistro offers what one needs these days; friendly, swift service with affordable, quality food.

360 Tip

Bistro also has branches in Sheraton, Heliopolis and Rehab City.

Best Bit

The Bruno Veal Rolls were outstanding and speaks of Bistro's reputation of delivering quality meat dishes.

Worst Bit

There's nothing particularly unique about the menu and it's unlikely to wow foodie types.

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