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Bocca Eatery & Social House

Bocca: Trying out Its Breakfast Menu at Capital Business Promenade

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Bocca: Trying out Its Breakfast Menu at Capital Business Promenade

We did visit Bocca Eatery & Social House before, but this time around, we were there to try out their Good Morning breakfast menu. Bocca has a few branches open around the city: in Mohandiseen, New Cairo, and the one we visited, which is in Sheikh Zayed.

Grabbing a wholesome breakfast in the sun on a winter day is always enjoyable; luckily, Bocca has an outdoors area, where we opted to sit. We got the menus and immediately noticed that their breakfast menu consists of four items – ‘it’s a fairly small selection’, we thought, but perhaps it’s a matter of quality, not quantity. We started off by getting coffee, we got an American Black Coffee (36LE) – even though it’s not a specialized option, it was very tasty on its own with no sugar or milk – which means that their coffee is actually of good quality. Then, we got the French Coffee (25LE) – Turkish coffee with milk, which was also a very good choice; it was tasty with the right amount of sugar.

As for breakfast, we decided to take two items to share; so, first we got the Bocca Eggs Benedict (85LE) – poached eggs with grilled asparagus spears, and crispy bacon on German bread, topped with hollandaise sauce. This dish was beautifully presented; it looked like a plate coming straight out of a cooking magazine. We could tell that the ingredients were quite fresh; the asparagus was perfectly cooked, and the eggs were flawlessly runny, however, the hollandaise didn’t really give the dish the kick of flavour it should have. Overall, the dish was under-seasoned, but other than that, it was well-executed.

At the same time, we got the Truffle Melted Croque (115LE) – Toasted French style Croque Monsieur, stuffed with truffle béchamel, grilled smoked turkey, melted cheese, and crispy bacon, topped with a sunny side-up egg, served with sautéed mushroom and a side salad. Even though we were kind of skeptical about the whole béchamel for breakfast part, the wait staff assured us that it tasted really good. Just as promised, the dish was wonderfully presented, smelled amazing, and all the ingredients worked together perfectly; the egg was cooked impeccably, the bread was toasty, the cheese was creamy, and the truffle béchamel was just heavenly. The side salad was quite fresh as well; the mushrooms were seasoned and the lettuce had a nice crunch.

Bocca’s ingredients are top-notch for sure; everything that we were served looked and tasted as fresh as it can be. The wait staff was nice and smiley – which is a big plus in the morning. Yes, the breakfast menu is quite small, but they overcome that part with great dishes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t hope to see their breakfast menu expand in the near future.

360 Tip

Breakfast ends at 2.00 PM.

Best Bit

The fresh ingredients.  

Worst Bit

Lack of flavours in the eggs Benedict.  

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