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BohoBun: Delicious Burgers on Wheels at Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed

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BohoBun: Delicious Burgers on Wheels at Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed

Nowadays, not only do burgers come in different shapes, flavours, and sizes, but they’ve also been all poshed-up at high-end restaurants. They’re even made messy by street vendors on purpose. BohoBun at Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed is where these two worlds collide.

Arkan Plaza is no stranger to good eats and nice restaurants, but this is only a small burger truck with a couple of high tables, which doesn’t really make it fit for a cosy sit-down.

With only two sandwiches and two options for fries, the limited menu, on the other hand, has 12 different sauces, as well as a range of shakes and doughnuts for dessert. We ordered the two options for mains, which were the Boho Burger (Slider: 50LE – Regular: 90LE), Philly Cheese (Slider: 55LE – Regular: 95LE), and for dessert, we opted for a Lotus doughnut (60LE).

Starting with the Philly Cheese; it came in a very fresh and tasty burger bun, which complemented the flavoursome blend of beef strips, bell peppers, and onions. One very important ingredient went missing in action for us, and that was the Philly cheese; neither felt nor tasted. This happened to be the only downside to a quite tasty and juicy sandwich.

The Boho Burger, whose meat patty was decently balanced in terms of fat-to-meat ratio, comes with caramelised onions, lettuce, and cheese. What made the burger whole for us was the burger-sauce drenched bun; freshly baked, moist with a slight crust, it definitely gave the sandwich a delicious flavour boost.

Crowning our experience with a dessert, the Lotus doughnut is a fried ball injected with warm Lotus spread. Smooth and tasty, the dough isn’t as sweet as most doughnuts, but that’s only to counter sweetness coming from the filling. It was the perfect messy end for our meal.

All in all, the food quality was excellent, and so was the service. We’re quite fond of the buns and the doughnuts. For some, limited options may be discouraging; for us, it’s a matter of quality versus quantity, especially when everything that’s offered on the menu is perfectly executed and served up to standard.

360 Tip

BohoBun serves pancakes and egg sandwiches for breakfast.

Best Bit

Nothing beats fresh buns.      

Worst Bit

The MIA Philly cheese. 

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