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Burger Fuel

Burger Fuel: New Zealand Burger Chain Expands to The District

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Gaser El Safty
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Burger Fuel: New Zealand Burger Chain Expands to The District

Nothing sells quite like a juicy burger here in Cairo. Quite frankly, why wouldn’t it? It’s a tried and tested sandwich that almost everyone craves.

Having landed in Cairo from New Zealand just last year, Burger Fuel has made a name for itself on Maadi’s Road 9 despite fierce competition just down the road. Recently, they’ve opened up a second branch at the increasingly popular The District.

Sporting the same dark purple colour scheme and immaculately clean interiors, we stepped inside to place our order. We opted for a Third Pounder with Cheese (40LE) and a Burnout (49LE) for our sandwiches and an order of Cheesy Fries (24LE) as well as Moto Bites (29LE) for our sides.

After placing our order we chose to enjoy the breezy weather outdoors. A mere fifteen minutes later, a waiter showed up with our tray of food and a couple of Doofers—Burger Fuel's patented foldable cardboard burger holders.

The Third Pounder with Cheese featured a 100% pure ground beef patty topped with melted cheddar, butter, Dijon mustard, relish and Burger Fuel’s signature aioli. The sandwich also features a lot of pickles, but we opted to have them removed—which they weren’t. Aside from the confusion about the pickles, the burger was very tasty, and the toppings created a sweet, zesty and cheesy flavour.

The Burnout, featuring a grilled chicken breast topped with beef bacon, fresh avocado, stilton cheese sauce, Dijon mustard, salad, relish and aioli, was quite the hit. We prefer our chicken breasts relatively thin and this was the case here. The chicken itself tasted quite good and was complimented very nicely with the cheese, relish, aioli and mustard. The beef bacon also created a contrasting flavour that we found quite pleasant.

We absolutely hate it when a good main course or sandwich is ruined by a subpar side, like boiled potatoes posing as wedges, or sautéed vegetables without so much as a pinch of salt. This is definitely not the case here.

The Cheesy Fries, seasoned and topped with melted cheese, were both crunchy, soft on the inside, and complimented by a delicious chilli aioli dip. Take notes burger joints, take notes.

Similarly, the Moto Bites—fried balls of pumpkin, carrot, chickpeas and ginger, served with lemon aioli or yogurt relish, were also a smashing success due to being fried well without excess oil and perfectly tasty.

We found our experience at Burger Fuel to be very pleasant. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious. The prices are a little steep with a burger and fries easily setting you back at least 70LE, but otherwise, The District Branch definitely lives up to its Maadi counterpart, if not surpassing it completely.

360 Tip

Burger Fuel delivers, call 01279998950.

Best Bit

The awesome sides!

Worst Bit

Prices are quite steep.

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