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Burgy: A Newcomer to Maadi Faces Tough Competition

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Burgy: A Newcomer to Maadi Faces Tough Competition

Saudi Arabia may be known for a lot of things, but a burger franchise is not going to cross your mind when thinking of the country. Reminding us of Hesham Afifi’s parody song, Franchise El-Burger, Burgy seeks to take the limelight from popular burger spots in Maadi, with its great quality and reasonable prices.

Taking its spot in Street 9 in Maadi, Burgy faces tough competition from a lot of burger bars; however, it seems to be up for the challenge as it has already opened a couple of branches in Cairo. Maadi’s branch is a small two-story shop, with the cashier located on the lower floor. Going up to the second level, you’ll find that the seating area consists of five wooden tables with red metallic chairs, and brick walls which add an urban feel.

The menu gives you a choice between five beef burgers, and five chicken burgers, as well as a variety of side orders that unfortunately were not all available at the time of our visit. We opted for the Chicky Cheese Combo (55 EGP), and the Burgy Burger Combo (55 EGP), as well as the Baked Potato (18 EGP). After ordering, we were handed a branded pager. After 30 minutes the pager buzzed, and our meals were ready.

Diving into the Chicky Cheese Sandwich, we were delighted to find that it was deliciously crunchy and full of flavor; the melted cheese complemented the taste brilliantly. We had a classic Chicken Cheese Burger in front of us, and we couldn’t ask for more.

While chicken burger lovers would be delighted, you’ll be a bit disappointed if you prefer beef burgers, just as we were when biting into the Burgy Burger. If a good beef burger is one that is marinated and spiced, then we have to say that the Burgy Burger wasn’t the best. Moreover, while the burger was served with the promised lettuce, onions, and grilled mushrooms, the onions had no crunch, and the mushrooms were too few to add any significant flavour.

Moving on to the side order, we were hoping that the baked potato would redeem some of our expectations of this franchise. It was served solo with only Mayo and BBQ sauces. Unfortunately, it tasted more like a boiled potato, not a baked one.

Perhaps the other side orders, if available, would prove better, and perhaps their other burgers may be tastier, although we were disappointed by the meat itself. In all cases, here’s to hoping our next visit proves more enjoyable, and for the chicken burgers to remain as tasty as they are.

360 Tip

There is another branch located in Mall of Arabia. 

Best Bit

The Chicky Cheese Combo. 

Worst Bit

The Burgy Burger Combo. 

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