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Cairo Bites: Egypt’s Biggest Food Showcase

Cairo Bites: Egypt’s Biggest Food Showcase
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Cairo 360

It’s no coincidence that the most prolific section on Cairo 360 is the restaurants page. You see, although the term foodie is usually reserved for those of a more refined palette, Egypt has a unique taste and appreciation for food – be it the local foul and falafel hole-in-the-wall, or the latest gourmet street food eatery.

It’s this appreciation that has led Magda Gomaa and her team of food enthusiasts to put together what is set to be the biggest food event Egypt has ever witnessed. The delightfully named Cairo Bites will bring together food and beverage outlets from across Cairo all under one roof on Saturday the 26th of April at Baron Palace in Heliopolis.

But Cairo Bites is more than just a fiesta of food.

“We are trying to encourage food entrepreneurship,” Gomaa explains. “We’ve witnessed a trend of something opening at every street corner with endless cuisines, concepts and whatnot. And they’re doing it well.”

The festival will give gastronomic entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their goods, from a range of different cuisines and food philosophies – a reflection of Cairo’s increasingly kaleidoscopic dining scene.

“Owners have greeted the event well. We have a diversified line-up of food establishments – restaurants, bakeries, fruit and salad bars, etc. As for the cuisines, we promise that people will taste the flavours of the world on that day. And that’s no exaggeration!”

Beyond the endless food options, Cairo Bites has a whole host of activities, from live demonstrations, to live music and even some special activities for the little ones.

Such a grand event needs a grand venue and Gomaa had no hesitation when it came to Baron Palace.

“It’s an architectural beauty – an intriguing venue standing abandoned in the middle of one of the busiest streets of Cairo. We could’ve gone to other venues, that are less costly, but this is the one location that perfectly complements Egypt’s biggest food festival.”

With mouths firmly salivating, we discussed the possibility of Cairo Bites becoming a regular fixture.

“The chances are very high, for as long as Egyptians continue to love food as much as they do. We want to turn this into an annual festival for our community where people socialise in an environment of food and fun.”

Find more info on the Cairo Bites Facebook page and ticket information on here. For restaurateurs and other venue owners who are keen to book a spot at the showcase, call 01097900044 / 01003913911 or email

Bon appétit!