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Cairo Kitchen

Cairo Kitchen: Revisiting Zamalek’s Famed Homemade Egyptian Food Restaurant

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  • 118, 26th July Street, Entrance on Aziz Osman Street
  • Egyptian
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Akram Lotfy
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Cairo Kitchen: Revisiting Zamalek’s Famed Homemade Egyptian Food Restaurant

With places like Cairo Kitchen, you don’t have to dream a good ol’ homemade meal. From its homemade Egyptian classics to the setting that reminds you of the days when you sneaked into your grandma’s kitchen, Zamalek landmark, Cairo Kitchen, has managed to become an all-time-favourite for many.

The menu does not contradict the name or the setting, offering various classics, like Molokheya, and oven-baked pasta with béchamel. After a quick scan, we opted for Vine Leaves (32 LE), Chicken Yoghurt Fattah (78 LE), and Chicken with Potatoes Tajine (77 LE).

The method of cooking the vine leaves leaned towards the Egyptian, rather than the classic Levantine style. The difference is in the tomato sauce bed, which did make them a bit soggy.  Nevertheless, they were delicious, especially with the side of tzatziki to dip in.

The chicken fattah with yoghurt came next, which is a tasty mixture of Egyptian white rice, fried pita bread, and tender fresh chicken, topped with yoghurt and chickpeas. Everything was perfectly cooked, and all the flavours blended harmoniously.

Next up, the chicken with potatoes tajine, with shredded chicken in tomato sauce, along with potatoes, green bell peppers, and a side of fluffy, white rice. While the sauce needed a little more thickening, the juicy blend of the other ingredient boasted the authentic taste of a typical tajine, working very well with the white rice.

For dessert, we ordered a  Hibiscus Muhalabeya, which was a glass of muhalabeya, topped with a jello layer of hibiscus. The fresh muhalabeya was moist and sweet, but the hibiscus-flavoured jello was almost flavourless, leaving a minimal impact on the overall taste.

All in all, Cairo Kitchen have excelled at recreating the dishes we all grew up devouring, giving us a taste of home, that comes with excellent service and a lovely atmosphere.

360 Tip

Ask about their dish of the day.

Best Bit

The setting.

Worst Bit

The bland layer of the hibiscus-flavoured jello.

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