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Cairo Restaurants: Seafood in Cairo

Cairo Restaurants: Seafood in Cairo
written by
Steve Noriega

Seafood restaurants in Cairo just can’t catch a break. Forever compared to their out-of-Cairo, sea-adjacent brethren, and subsequently deemed to fall short of them, seafood has always been treated with the utmost regards in Egyptian cuisine, but maybe not with care.

But as the country’s culinary values continue to evolve at breakneck speed, and other exotic and classical influences continue to seep in from around the world, Cairo’s seafood restaurants are proving themselves as forces to be reckoned with, more and more.

The Smokery

Not one to try if you’re after a quintessential Egyptian seafood experience, the Smokery actually specialises in that wonderful fish, salmon. Formulated by Chef Vincent Guillou – of Tamarai fame – the menu offers everything from salmon tartare to salmon tagliatelle, with a few equally impressive non-salmon dishes. The only potential deterrent is the pocket-burning prices.  

Flying Fish

Though the Cairo 360 office stands proudly on its streets, we’ll be the first to admit that Agouza isn’t the trendiest part of Cairo. Despite that, real seafood connoisseurs know about Flying Fish. Offering spectacular value for money – 55LE for grilled shrimp – Flying Fish isn’t particularly pleasing to the eye, but great food and great service more than make up for it.

La Sirena

It wasn’t too long ago that one would have trouble finding top quality dining options outside of Heliopolis’ several hotels, but La Sirena has been serving good seafood for quite some time – and you can tell. The restaurant is almost claustrophobically small, and the décor outdated, but it’s developed a rustic charm that complements its ambitious seafood perfectly.


Combining the culinary philosophies of both east and west, Fandira is a delivery-or-pickup-only eatery that’s the pride and joy of Maadi. Offering everything from seafood sandwiches to full-on dishes, every one of Fandira’s tempting options is prepared with care, skill and a touch of flair. We’d recommend the soya tuna steak – it’s cooked to a perfect, juicy pink.


Now, many will contend that none of Samakmak’s Cairo branches can quite reach the heights of their Alexandrian counterpart, but the popular chain still offers one of the most dependable seafood experiences in the city. There’s very little that could be considered sophisticated about Samakmak – it is a restaurant chain after all – but it consistently delivers in terms of quality.

Halaket El Samak

Offering diners the closest thing to eating seafood by the sea, Halaket El Samak makes the most of its Nile-side location on the Nile City Boat in Zamalek. With views looking over Downtown – specifically towards the Maspero building – Halaket El Samak lets diners pick and choose their own meal from a well-stocked spread of fresh seafood.


Cairo 360 has almost grown up with Pomodoro; we’ve seen it blossom from a small, balady-style, pavement-top gathering, to a full-out restaurant – though it’s still very balady. Regardless of that, Pomodoro enjoys a cult following among expats and Downtown dwellers alike, with the seafood pastas standing as the restaurant’s marquee dishes. Plus, prices are very reasonable.

We love Cairo, but we feel that we would be doing seafood an injustice if we weren’t to mention a few knockout restaurants in Alexandria. Fish Market has several branches in Cairo, though Alexandrians swear by the Bahari branch and Santa Lucia does mean fish dishes, while the best seafood experience we’ve had in Egypt was at Kasr Ras El Teen’s branch of Samakmak.

Before we wish you happy dining, we urge you to wash your hands thoroughly after eating – nothing’s worse than fishy fingers.

Happy dining!