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Caracas: New Impressive Branch at Mall of Arabia’s The Park

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  • The Park, Mall of Arabia, 26th of July Corridor, Giza Governorate
  • Lebanese
  • 10:00 - 02:00
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Ramy Soliman
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Caracas: New Impressive Branch at Mall of Arabia’s The Park
When we crave Lebanese food, we look for a wide variety on the menu, good quality, and a cosy venue. All our needs were fulfilled at Caracas’ latest branch at Mall of Arabia’s The Park.
As a venue, Caracas could easily get a 10 out 10. The all-white themed spacious indoor area, with simple touches of gold, was quite inviting and relaxing – yet alive- thanks to the action happening at the man’ousha station and the drinks bar. There’s also an outdoor area that’s great for breakfast, or gathering with friends during the evening.
Our order consisted of Halloumi with Pesto (65 LE), Spinach Fatayer (46 LE), Man’ousha Sojok & Jebneh (87LE), Mini Shish Tawook Sandwiches (79 LE), and Kafta with Cherry Fattah (125 LE).
 As the name says it all, the halloumi starter consisted of three baked halloumi pieces – that softened it up the cheese a little, without the cheese loosing its unique texture- topped with a decent pesto, and sliced cherry tomato. You can say it’s a warm Lebanese version of a caprese salad that we would gladly order again.
Meanwhile, their fatayer is something we could eat every single day! The spinach fatayer were super light, fluffy, and airy. Additionally, the spinach filling had a terrific tangy and zesty kick to it.
Same thing goes for the Man’ousha Sojok & Jebneh. The portion overall was huge, to the point that we don’t think we’ve never seen a bigger man’ousha. However, we didn’t like that the sojok was a bit grainy and the cheese was far from melted. It definitely needed a little bit more time in the oven.
Mini Shish Tawook sandwiches is just another way to enjoy their freshly baked bread. We loved how that it was more of a make-your-own sandwich kinda platter as the bread is filled with a hint of garlic dip and a piece of super duper tender, moist, and flavorful shish tawook, and you get to complement it with more garlic dip, pickles, and fries because why not.
Saving the best for last, the Kafta with Cherry Fattah might sound a bit weird for a lot of people, but it’s actually a fantastic combo. Crispy bread topped with not so garlicky yogurt sauce, well seasoned kofta bites, and a chunky cherry sauce that had a spot-on sweetness without losing its unique tarty flavour. It’s a great dish if you’re looking for something new to try. The portion of the kafta could’ve been bigger though.
All in all, we can easily say that we were very satisfied with our experience at Caracas. From the great service and the welcoming ambiance, to the delicious food and the reasonable prices, we can safely say that the people at Caracas know what they’re doing.

360 Tip

 Check out Dakan Caracas if you want to buy oils, sauces, dips, and desserts to go.

Best Bit

Caracas is the definition of ‘Value for Money’.

Worst Bit

The indoor area is also a smoking area.

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