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ChiliBuzz: Chillax’s Offspring Offers Promising Fast Food Dishes

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ChiliBuzz: Chillax’s Offspring Offers Promising Fast Food Dishes

With beautiful landmarks like the Baron Palace, the Catholic Basilica Church and Korba’s remarkable architecture, Heliopolis has always been a captivating cultural hub in Cairo which has long attracted plenty of restaurants and cafés; one of them is ChiliBuzz, the newest addition to Cairo's fast food scene inside Chillax restaurant.  

A small subsidiary of Chillax restaurant located on the vibrant Merghany Street, ChiliBuzz shares the same venue with Chillax. The venue itself boasts a cozy Santorini-inspired indoor area and a simple relaxing and inviting outdoor terrace – think all things Santorini, blue and white colours in the interior, light blue windows, clay lighting.

While Chillax has a large international cuisine menu which involves classic staples like pastas, seafood, steak and chicken dishes, ChiliBuzz’s menu almost exclusively includes gourmet burgers and hotdogs.

We took our seats at the outdoor area as we looked over ChiliBuzz’s one page menu. We started things off with Chili Cheese Fries (27.99 LE) and Chicken Tenders (26 LE) as our starters, and as for our burgers, we went for the Sweet Spicy Bacon (39.99 LE) and the Mozza Blast (34.99 LE).

Served in yellow metal pans, our appetisers came soon enough and we decided to dig right in. Four long thin pieces of chicken breasts, the chicken tenders had a great crunchy exterior and a tender well-seasoned interior which were even tastier with the honey mustard serving accompanying the dish.

Topped with gooey melted cheddar cheese and special seasoning which gave it an extra punch, the fries had mouthwatering and memorable flavours which were perfectly complimented by the chili topping; we just hoped the chili was more than a spoonful as it worked really well with all the other ingredients.

Then came our main dishes along with some gloves equipping us for the joyful mess our burgers were about to create.  

A large burger patty topped with two mozzarella sticks, a slice of cheese, surrounded by melted cheddar cheese, mayo and lettuce, the Mozza Blast was absolutely delicious boasting a well-rounded overall taste. The burger itself was juicy, tender and had a great cook-to-perfection taste, while the bread was really fresh and a bit crumbly. Overall, all the ingredients complimented one another without anything overpowering the other.

Essentially comprised of a 200gm burger patty, drenched with a hefty amount of mayo, lettuce and BBQ sauce and topped with bacon and a fresh burger bun, the Sweet Spicy Bacon Burger was just as tasty as the latter burger, with the BBQ sauce overpowering the overall taste – which hid the flavour of the bacon almost completely – while the mayo balanced the overall taste.

Overall our visit to ChiliBuzz was delightful. Chillax itself is a great restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal, while ChiliBuzz is convenient for those looking for tasty and well-executed fast food dishes. With a relaxing location in one of Cairo’s biggest burrows, the venue altogether makes a great hangout or studying spot.


360 Tip

The terrace works as a great studying or meet up spot. 

Best Bit

The chili cheese fries and the burgers were delicious.

Worst Bit

BBQ sauce hid the flavours more than it complimented them in the Sweet Spicy Bacon Burger. 

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