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ChiliBuzz: Yummy Appetisers & Desserts at Chillax’s Cool Cousin

  • 35 Hassan El Maamon St.
  • Burgers,Fast Food
  • 10:00 - 03:00
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Omar Yousry
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ChiliBuzz: Yummy Appetisers & Desserts at Chillax’s Cool Cousin

Despite places like 6 October City, Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo standing as hubs for outings, Nasr City has its fare share venues, with one of the latest being ChilliBuzz – the sister venue of Chilax.

With a simple yellow and black design, ChiliBuzz has a medium sized venue with a mixed harmony of wood and steel, with wooden table tops and steel frames, and wooden high stools and black metal chairs.

Even though the place was almost completely empty, it took about fifteen minutes for us to receive menus. Once we did, we opted for the Chicken wings (29LE) with sweet spicy BBQ sauce, the Mozza Blast (42 LE) combo (18 LE) and the Sweet Spicy Bacon (42 LE) chili combo (20 LE).

Jarringly, the chicken wings arrived along with the fries of our two combos about 20 minutes later – but they were an instant favourite that were bursting with the smokiness of the sauce, the tenderness of the chicken and  crispy breading.

As for the fries, they tasted like the off-the-shelf ones and despite being topped with some spices that gave an extra kick, there was nothing too special to speak of. As for the chili-fries, they had the same spices, but also topped with some cheddar cheese and minced beef which were cold when served and had an overall artificial taste.

Arriving almost five minutes later were our burgers; the Mozza Blast was a 200gm burger topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, mayo and two pieces of mozzarella sticks. Again, though, it wasn’t too special; despite the strong earthy and juicy taste, the patty was a little undercooked and needed more seasoning to give it an extra push.

The Mozza Blast wasn’t too special, with a juicy, earthy taste yet we felt that the burger patty was a bit undercooked and needed to have a little more seasoning to give it an extra push.

While the sweet-spicy bacon was a 200gm burger topped with sweet spicy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon bits and mayo

As for the Sweet Spicy Bacon Burger, it had the same issues as the first one in the patty being undercooked and needing seasoning. In addition, there was too much sauce and mayo which overpowered the taste of the burger itself.

Finally, for dessert, we ordered the French Toast (36 LE) which came on a large white plate as two slices of toast with some soft vanilla ice-cream on the side and everything topped with caramel.

The toast itself had a great soft and tender middle with crunchy crusts that worked very well with the smooth, creamy ice-cream and sweet caramel, making it one of the highlights of our meal.

Overall,  Chilibuzz looks like it can and will hold its own with it separating from Chillax; however, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table and people might consider it a Mince knock-off – whether that’s a bad thing is up to you.

360 Tip

ChiliBuzz has another branch attached to Chillax in Heliopolis that you can also order from at Chillax.

Best Bit

Although the burgers disappointed, the wings and the French toast were great.

Worst Bit

Service was very slow even though the restaurant was almost empty.


Awesome desserts!

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