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Chillax: Santorini-Inspired Restaurant in Heliopolis

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Chillax: Santorini-Inspired Restaurant in Heliopolis

Cairo’s dining scene has no problem with importing concepts and inspirations and one of the latest eateries to borrow from abroad comes in the form of Chillax. Located in the busy El Merghany district of Heliopolis, the restaurant offers international dishes and a delightful Greek-inspired atmosphere.   

Taking cues from Santorini, Chillax boasts a bright blue and white aesthetic with beautiful touches in its décor – light blue windows, quirky blue cutlery, clay wall-lighting and simple plant pots causally hung on the wall come together to create a casual Mediterranean ambiance.

Designed to look like a newspaper, Chillax’s menu has a wide variety of dishes; soups, seafood platters, burgers, pastas – you name it.     

After some thinking, we went for the BBQ Bacon Burger (52LE) and Chicken Alfredo Pasta (49LE) and as soon as our dishes arrived, we were instantly struck by their dazzling presentation.

Served in a countrified wooden tray with a handful of pickles and well-spiced French fries, the BBQ Bacon Burger was extremely delicious; with a thick, tender and juicy patty, a thin beef bacon topping and a hint of hot barbecue sauce, it was a classic combination done well.   

Our pasta, meanwhile, was served in an iron skillet, cooked al Dente, perfectly blended with chunks of tender chicken, fresh mushrooms and infused with light, creamy yet rich Alfredo sauce; overall a delicious dish that was made complete with its herbal garnish.

Going through the desserts’ section – which offers typical items like fruit salad with ice cream (32LE) and brownies (28LE) — we went for a Nutella French toast with ice cream (38LE). Also served in a skillet, the toast was stuffed with a thin layer of Nutella and slices of banana which complemented the taste. The toast was then topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream and some tasty caramel sauce – again, a classic combination done well.

We washed away our meals with a cup of well-made French coffee (20LE) and kiwi-mango-flavoured shisha (51LE) which was fresh and promptly tended to.

Perhaps the only slight misstep in our visit to Chillax was the slow service – which was soon picked up —otherwise, between the many restaurants in the area, Chillax definitely stands out for its concept, which it executes well and tastefully without going overboard.

360 Tip

Chillax delivers in Heliopolis; call 01118853487.    

Best Bit

The food was fresh from the oven and the presentation was great.

Worst Bit

The slow service.

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