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Cook Door

Cook Door: Delicious Fast Food in Cairo

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Basma Mostafa
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Cook Door: Delicious Fast Food in Cairo

Amidst the 24/7 bustle of Citystars
Mall’s food court, Cook Door is an all-Egyptian fast food joint that serves up
delicious sandwiches and pizza. When compared to neighbouring food outlets,
Cook Door is constantly overflowing with waiting customers, yet the speed at
which sandwiches are prepared and delivered is surprising. Better yet, the quick service
doesn’t come at the expense of good taste and high-quality meals.

Cook Door doesn’t offer paper menus;
the only menu that you can peruse is displayed on the wall behind the counter; a
nuisance if you suffer from short-sightedness like this reviewer and have left
your glasses at home. Squinting at the menu can get really annoying; especially
if the staff member taking your order keeps casting exasperated glances in your

Most sandwiches are available in
medium and large sizes; we ordered the Friday chicken sandwich (18.99LE):
slices of chicken cooked with mushroom and molten mozzarella cheese. The
sandwich tasted great, but is only available in the large size.

We also ordered the delicious
chicken fajita sandwich (16.99LE): a delightful blend of shredded chicken,
mayonnaise, pickles, onion, green pepper and olives. The sandwich might easily
pass as the best fajita sandwich that this reviewer has ever tasted. However,
the onions were not properly cooked, leaving us with terrible breath for the
rest of the evening.

We also ordered Cook Door’s
trademark Friskes fries (7LE and 8.5LE for medium and large sizes): fried
potatoes with Cook Door’s special spicing served with Thousand Island dressing.
Guaranteed, Friskes fries will be unlike anything that you have ever tasted.

Cook Door doesn’t only offer
sandwiches; pizza and several dishes are also available. As for the pizza, you
can either choose from the predetermined pizza toppings on the menu or have
your pizza customised with a combination of toppings of your own choice. Pizza
prices start at 18LE.

Other options available on the menu
are – mix grill platter (32.99-LE): two kofta sticks and a few pieces of shish tawouk
and a chicken crunch hot platter of four hot, crunchy chicken pieces. All
dishes are served with rice, coleslaw salad, French fries or Friskes fries and
fresh French bread.

For those of you who fret over the
number on the scales, you can still enjoy the deliciousness of Cook Door’s meals
and keep a trim figure; diet meals and sandwiches are also available on the

For delicious sandwiches that go easy
on the wallet; head to Cook Door for a lazy weekend lunch or a mid-week quick

360 Tip

Don't pass on the Friskes fries. They might just turn into an all-time favourite of yours.

Best Bit

Tasty sandwiches and Friskes fries.  

Worst Bit

There is no paper menu.

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